Goncalo Nuno da Fonseca Linhas and Nara Franca are a husband & wife team devoted to Lusitanos. They both enjoy their life long love of the breed. Together they have formed a fabulous equestrian centre Quinta do Palhao, where Goncalo trains horses and riders in classical equitation. Nara an Equine vet specialising in reproduction has a small breeding herd at their farm with the stud brand Coudelaria Quinta do Palhão

Goncalo Nuno da Fonseca Linhas

Captivated from a Young Age

“I confess that although there was always stages in my early life when I had to prioritise studies over horses, it was not always easy because whenever I could, I would escape to my Grandfather’s farm to be with them, that was where my heart was. It was my Grandfather who introduced me to riding when I was very young. I have never looked back.

I remember watching videos of Master Nuno de Oliveira, they were really an inspiration for me. The way he rode, the lightness and grace with which the horses performed the exercises, all of this fascinated me.

Unfortunately, I did not have the privilege of meeting Master Oliveira in person. But one day my grandfather said he was going to take me to a place where horse riding was practiced in the way which I identified. That was the day I met Master Luis Valença. My passion was confirmed. It was with Luis Valença that I learnt classical equitation greatly improving my knowledge and developed deeper my understanding of classical principles. Today I am truly fortunate to be able to share ideas and work alongside such a master”.

Goncalo joined the Valenca Team Riders in their Royal Horse Gala and Appassionata Shows from 1996. He was one of Luis Valenca´s principal Proteges.