Lena Saugen Photography


Lena is a freelance photographer based in Bærums Verk, near Oslo, Norway. She also work in television drama.

Her interest in photography started in her student days at Glasgow University where  she worked as a photographer for the Student magazine, covering all sorts of rock concerts and bands.

In 1993 she participated in her first workshop with Morten Krogvold, followed by further workshops with well – known photographers such as  Claire Rosen, Jeff Cowen & Jim Casper, Eivind Røhne, and Mona Nordøy.

Lena loves to continually develop her work and exploring new ways to see things. Attending regular workshops with other well known International photographers gives her wonderful fresh ideas and new perspectives.

Love for Horses

Her deep and long time relationship with horses led her to Equine photography… So doing  a combination of two profound passions, photography and horses is for her a fantastic opportunity to do what she love the most. She really feel she is in the right element.

Aiming to show/convey the personality and character of the horse, and love to capture to magical interaction between animals and people.

vila 1

She work for Equilife magazine, and has also been published in several other equine and lifestyle magazines.  She also does private horse and rider portraits, as well as fashion photography.

In addition she photographs weddings and loves working on Fine Art projects.

ls casa

Lena has been selected by Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation (NRK) – for internal decoration.

She also work at NRK (television) as project manager and coordinator for television drama productions.

Interested to know more?  Have a chat with Lena at mobile + 47 92 04 31 31 or mail her: lena.saugen@gmail.com

short list

In 2014 she was shortlisted to top 10 out of over 3000 entries for “rider portrait” in FEI World Photo Grand Prix. 

Her entry was this wonderful image taken at The Lisbon Lusitano Festival 2013.

She is available to do photo portraits with you and your horse or just you with Lusitanos this can be easily arranged in Portugal. Read More

In addition she can photograph your wedding or a special event, professional fashion shoots and website photography.  Read More

See below in the galleries examples of her work and of her magazine covers and articles  Visit her website