Nuno Cavaco Classical Dressage Rider and Trainer /Equestrian Director in Lusitano Horse Finder

Nuno is a highly experienced classical rider and teacher who has been in the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art for 25 years. He is a kind, sensitive man with a good sense of fun and totally committed to his work, believing that the only correct way to work with horses is in harmony .  He brings these qualities to his teaching both for horse and rider.  He wholeheartedly believes in helping you to advance your riding skills in order to develop a greater partnership with your horse.

During his time at the Riding School Nuno traveled extensively throughout Europe giving shows and displays.  He has gained huge experience in riding many different horses what’s more his equine knowledge extends to veterinary and during the shows he was responsible, along side the main vet for the care and well being of the horses.  Of course this extra knowledge really adds value to his training methods and awareness when working with horses. Horses in training with Nuno are in very good hands. He is always actively involved in their well being in addition to training programme. All horses are worked personally by Nuno and he keeps a watchful eye on everything from stable management, shoeing, nutrition to a balanced training plan.

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We Have known of Nuno for many years and had been trying to be able to train with him but circumstances got in the way. Finally we managed to join a clinic organised for him in Somerset. Meeting this quiet man and seeing him work with all the horses was impressive. When he worked with our own horses he was amazing and has transformed totally our way of training. His gentle way, approach and lightness was so obvious to us and the horses, he is a true horseman with a classical approach, he is so polite and soft with the horses they become like putty in his hands. We were over joyed with the experience and look to learn with him regularly. We have already been to Portugal to train with him in both ridden and in hand work it was brilliant.



What made my lesson with Nuno so special was how he made me develop during the lesson. I finished feeling  a lot more confidence as a rider. His way of teaching was very soft and calm, but still demanding enough regarding what was important to focus on. He made me think about small things that other instructors have not pointed out before. His mix of classical and modern way of thinking gave me a soft approach to dressage – exactly the way I like it.

I will recommend everyone who likes a classical approach to dressage, yet sportive result, to give it a try.

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