Classical Dressage Lessons


We provide Classical Dressage Lessons, the classes are both ridden and Ín Hand´ on quality trained Lusitanos.  Our lessons are fun and focused solely on you and the horse,  all classes are individual unless otherwise requested. The aim is to ensure you have a positive and rewarding experience that equipes you with plenty of insights you can carry on with your own horse.

All the teaching is with Nuno Cavaco a true classical trainer that has learnt with many classical masters in the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art.


Nuno is a highly experienced classical rider and teacher who was in the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art for 25 years. He is a kind, sensitive man with a good sense of fun.  He brings these qualities to his teaching and has a great deal to offer you in helping advance your riding skills. He focusses the teaching to show you how to develop a greater partnership with your horse.

In fact many students after training with Nuno like to maintain their work and we provide skype lessons as a perfect way to progress your learning when you go home.

Your Options are –

  • Individual Classical Dressage Lessons – contact us to book a lesson
  • In hand lessons
  • Courses combining just riding or in hand and riding
  • Holidays  – We are happy to arrange accommodation for you and your friends and family.  The area is wonderful for riders and non riders with plenty to see and do.