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Horses in Training with Nuno Cavaco

Zagal enjoying the paddock while in training with Nuno

At our Patio we provide the following services

  • Horses in full livery and classically based dressage training with Nuno Cavaco – from starting right up to fine tuning for Grand Prix dressage competition. Learn more about what the training & livery includes go to Horse Development further down the page
  • Classical Dressage Lessons on your horse or on our Lusitanos  FIND OUT MORE AND BOOK Lessons with Nuno.
  • Learn more about Nuno Cavaco
  • Classical Dressage Holidays – we arrange long weekends or one week holidays where you can ride daily with Nuno.  Your family can come even if they don’t ride as there are so many other great things to do in the area. We are happy to help arrange your trip and include days out etc.
  • Horses in for selling – we prepare and promote horses for sale – professional videos, photos, presentations.

Our commitment to you and your horse – GIVING YOU PEACE OF MIND

We are a small yard looking to achieve the very best we can for you and your horse.  Our aim is the provide a quality service that truly gives you the results you want.



Facilities include

  • arena and lunging area
  • Training by Nuno Cavaco
  • Nutrition plans
  • Top farrier and vet services
  • Your horse will be given a private pass coded page on LHF website where all records, training programme, training video updates, farrier, vet etc and photos will be stored for you to view at anytime.  This is updated monthly.
  • Live skype training sessions can be arranged to view
  • Hacking

Your satisfaction and your horse’s happiness are paramount to Nuno’s working philosophy he will only take on a few horses at a time in order to ensure that he rides and develops your horse to what you want – dressage training, fine tuning, solving some problems, reaching the next level.

We know that leaving your horse in Portugal is a very viable option that can be rewarding for everyone.  There are many benefits in doing this.

  • The full livery and training is generally more cost effective
  • Portugal has a vibrate and important history in Classical Equitation
  • We understand Iberian breeds very well – however we are happy to work with all breeds
  • The weather is very good most of the time
  • It is cheap for you to regularly visit and train with your horse
  • Lovely Country to explore and plenty of things to do as well as riding

We are also fully aware of how worrying it can be to have your horse in another country and be sure you know what is going on. To give you extra ‘peace of mind’ we have designed and developed ways to ensure that you are informed every step of the way with your horse’s progress and requirements.  We have developed our service to include pass coded ‘On Line’ Horse management profiles that are regularly up dated.  See more here.

Whatever it is you want from purely a fun leisure to a competition horse, he seeks to achieve.

To discuss bringing your horse to Nuno for schooling please do contact Nuno

Untitled 19What’s more we are happy to do training live on skype so that you can see your horse working in ‘Real Time’

Put Your Horse in Training With Us in Portugal

We only take a small amount of horses in for full training.  All horses are trained personally by Nuno Cavaco. Nuno’s work is all classically based dressage both ridden and on the ground.  He was 25 years in the famous ‘Portuguese School of Equestrian Art’  where he trained with some of the most famous modern day masters.

When he arrives with us we will assess him and discuss with you the best way forward in terms of feeding, shoeing, training etc.  From this we will develop a ‘holistic’ training programme individually designed for your horse that includes –

  • Classically Based Dressage
  • In Hand work and lunge work
  • Riding out in countryside
  • Paddock time
  • Trips out
  • Physio treatments etc where required

To find out more about bringing your horse contact Nuno or contact Teresa


Nuno has regularly taught Classical Dressage at clinics for us. He  always makes sure that every client had a full hour of tuition and this, depending on the horse and rider, would include a mixture of lunge work, work in hand, Nuno riding and the client riding.  His intuition about the character and experience of both horse and rider is very evident and he works with them accordingly.  He was always quiet with the horses, gaining their trust and drawing out their best work.  The riders who only booked one lesson always wanted more! 

His attention to detail included changing tack if that helped the comfort and confidence of horse and rider.  He was always happy to teach horses whatever their size, breed, age or experience and riders whether novice or advanced.  The clinics were always great fun and very relaxed. 

His 25 years with The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art enables riders to benefit from his obvious talent and wealth of experience.


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