A Classical Road to Oylmpics

Stylish, dynamic, a warm smile, an engaging manner and totally at ease with himself – perfectly describes Portuguese born Paulo Caetano. A remarkable horseman who lives on one of his stunning farms in the Alentejo region of Portugal. He breeds and trains Lusitano horses, rears cattle and teaches dressage riders.

His Passion for Horses began in his Early Life

Paulo has a fascinating equestrian story that began as a boy. In contrast to his father, a businessman in Lisbon, Paulo’s passion lay with horses – in particular the Lusitano breed and bullfighting. Nowadays a controversial subject but in the 70’s one of Portugal’s most important sports with bullfighters sharing a similar status to that of the top footballers today.

Paulo begun at 12 years and had his first official fight at 14 years old. He proved to be talented and became one of Portugal’s top fighters. Bullfighters that fight from the back of a horse are trained in many classical techniques especially to ride with the tiniest most subtle weight aids. The basis of the classical seat.