We offer a  selection of Lusitano Stallions at stud for selling semen worldwide.
The portfolio offers high quality stallions that exhibit the qualities of great Lusitanos,  horses that demonstrate the enduring heritage of this outstanding breed. As the breed is evolves in huge leaps in todays equestrian world demands many do not deminish the timeless traits we all love.
If you are looking for a speacial stallion for your mares have consider one of these stallions that can provide genetics for dressage, working equitation, showing, bull fighting, beauty even exceptional colours.

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Further Questions & Answers

We are here to help your trip to be a fun and stress free process.

Visiting Portugal is a fabulous opportunity to capture a littles sense of this wonderful country, the culture, heritage and equestrian life. We are happy to recommend places to visit, sight seeing and riding lesson opportunities. We have our own lesson horses and offer individual lessons on trained Lusitanos.

If you have any questions we have endeavoured to answer many below but if yours is not there feel free to contact us

When you begin to plan your horse search trip with us you need to take into account the time and investment involved to ensure you maximise your experience.  We will probably visit several establishments to view horses, they can be spread out around Portugal. Before your arrival we will organise your itinary  – airport pick up and return, hotel, travel route, appointments and restaurants if required. We can even include some sight seeing or riding lessons if you would like.

Our service is designed to ensure that you are relaxed and rested between veiwings arriving at each stable ready to get started. It all begins with picking you at the airport or hotel. From there we will have the route planned and drive you in our car.

All expenses of the Lusitano Horse Finder representative who accompanies you are required to be paid by you, this includes: transport, road tolls, meals and accommodation (in case it is needed). The cost will be sent to you prior to your visit. We can supply you with receipts etc at the end or if you prefer an invoice in your private or company name.

We highly recommend that you obtain travel insurance that covers horse riding for your trip. We cannot garrentee that all the yards we visit carry adequate insurance.

We have a partnership with World Nomads that offer a very good reasonally priced insurance for travellers that are intending to include physical activities.  Check out their offer here.

It is really important that at each visit you are comfortable to try horses – all horses will be shown to you handled and ridden before you try.  If you don´t feel happy to ride it is not ever a problem. We will always endeavour to work with you to select the right horses but the connection is something you can only feel when you are with the horse. We totally understand and are always there to support you.

We are ready to drive you to each stable, airport and hotel. This is a professional service where you are required to pay the driving expenses – fuel and road tolls.  Generally this will be less than the car hire price in addition it is much more relaxing to not have to concern yourself with driving.  We want you to be totally relaxed to enjoy the horses.

Please come with appropriate riding attire especially a riding helmet, boots and riding trousers. We do not recommend riding horses without a proper safety helmet.

Not all arenas are inside so it can be outside.  It can be hot with a lot of sun so we recommend you have a sun hat and sun screen or rain gear if in winter months.

We will supply plenty of drinking water and refreshments during the day.

The horses that you will see are owned by Lusitano Horse Finder, Breeders, Trainers, Private Owners some which are in Portugal and others outside.

Horses are available for sale for sorts of reasons

  • Horse Breeders  breed Lusitanos to produce and sell
  • Trainers invest in horses for their private or competition career, or to produce to sell.
  • Private owners sometimes invest in young horses to sell on once trained further or for their private use and circumstance change.

We recommend that whenever possible you try a horse more than once which is why we suggest you book 2-3 days minimum for your trip.  This way you have time to re try your preferred horses.  The second ride makes a huge difference.

The horses we show you are priced according the owner´s discretion. Generally we will have discussed the price of the horse prior to your visit.  Sometimes extra horses are seen during the visit and the price maybe discussed at the viewing.

Lusitano Horse Finder receive an agreed commission from the horse owner on the successful sale of the horse. This is standard practise for this work we will not expect an extra commission from you.

Payment is made prior to the horse entering the transport. The payment methods are generally via bank transfer you will receive an invoice with the transfer details.

All horses are sold with a sales contract signed by both seller, buyer and sometimes the agent. Lusitano Horse Finder will provide the Sales Contract.

The ownership transfer will also be made at this time.

We recommend to all owners to have any horse they wish to sell pre examed before offering for sale. However they are not obligated to do this. If there are records available and if the seller agrees these will be made available to you and your vet.

We will not suggest any horses to you for viewing if we are aware of serious problems both health wise and in character. We are very clear with the sellers on our policy on this.

Horses that we offer for sale have a price set by the owner.  We do sometimes work with the owner to set the price according to the horse´s breeding, training level, competition results, potential etc.

In our policy we do not offer horses that we consider inappropriately priced. However Lusitano Horse prices vary a lot and we recieve many questions about how they are priced.  See our article on this subject. We will discuss the viewing list with you before you arrive in Portugal so that you are seeing horses that fit with your requirements and budget.

The horse prices on the website are listed within a price range the reason for this is that the horse can sometimes be on the website for several months,  if the horse develops a lot the owner may increase or decrease the price.

Of course you can make an offer on a horse you like it is then up to the owner if they accept or not. We will assist you in this negotiation process.

All horses owned by a business have VAT added on to the price announced. In Portugal VAT is called IVA.  The rates are 6% for breeding stallions, mares and youngstock.  Horses for leisure especially geldings at charged at 23% rate.


If you have a VAT registered equestrian business within Europe the VAT will not be changed with the correct invoicing process. This does not apply in private purchases.

When you have selected a horse we strongly advise you have a 5 stage pre purchase exam.  You can request us to attend the exam for you if you prefer.  There is a cost for this of 100 euros plus travel expenses.

We will give you vet recommendations and contact details you deal directly with the vet and they will happily work with your regular vet.

Learn more about what is involved with a PRE Purchase here

We have on many occassions successfully helped our clients to buy a horse without visiting.  It is not our first recommendation however with the right steps this can be a good option. We have a clear policy on how to go about this you can read more about it here.  Buying from Video

During your trip can have classical dressage lessons with Nuno Cavaco on our school master Lusitanos.  We provide individual lessons in classical dressage and working equitation skills and in hand skills. If you would like to know more let us know.  In addition if your are coming with a freind or family maybe you would like to extend your trip to have a holiday with some sight seeing we are very happy to assist you in planning this.

Dressage Lessons