Rare Grullo Approved Stallion

This is a very special pure bred stallion. Born 2013 makes him 9 years old in 2022. He is a very rare colour tested with a super rare cologne genetic (smoky grullo, homozygous Dun with creme gene). His grandfather is the famous OUREM, a former bullfighting-horse. This one-in-a-million-lusitano is approved for breeding in the APSL (in 2021) and also licenced for ZfdP (in 2020) which makes him very interesting for breeding with Warmbloods as the foals get papers then.

His first offspring is already born and all are special colored, big and very typical lusitano. In 2022 almost 35 foals will be expected all over the world. His frozen semen brought pregnancies in multiple countries as Australia, New Zeeland, France, Sweden, Switzerland and frozen semen is now being produced for the USA, where a fist shipment will be expected in May 2202

He is not only interesting for breeding pure bred Lusitanos but also to bring color and his willingness to please and the charming character into other breeds. In Germany many Warmblood breeders trusted on him in season 2021 as well as Azteca breeders.

He is under the training of an olympic trainer since he is 4yo. Showing a super basis in Dressage work. Training level is Inter 1, working now on tempi changes and passage. The superpower of this horse is his piaffe as well as a canter (8) and a huge walk (8) which can not be found often in the Lusitano breed.
He has sportive movements, is very comfy to sit and could compete although has not yet been competed due to his breeding duties. In addition to being a great dressage partner, he also knows all working equitation obstacles, loves to jump and does it very well and knows cow-work.

All genetic tests are already done.
He is tested negative to Piroplasmosis, WFFS and negative to PSSM 1 + 2.
It's possible to get him approved for German Breeds as for example Oldenburger, Hannoveranian etc with several placements in S dressage. This is an option for the future owner to achieve which will make him even more rare.
He is 163cms lives out during day in a paddock and stable at night. He can be ridden with other horses in an arena and ridden out in countryside. He is brave and confident, suits experienced rider.
X-rays available from 2017.

Although he is available for sale his frozen semen is available - Price 1000 euros for 2 doses per mare. There will be a consignment arriving in the USA early 2022 ready to reserved limited amount.
To find out more and see video contact teresa@lusitanohorsefinder.com




  • Sex:


  • Height:


  • Date of birth:


  • Training level:

    Inter1 tempi changes and passage

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  • Price:

    200,000-250,000 euros