Classical Dressage Lessons

We provide Classical Dressage Lessons, the classes are both ridden and Ín Hand´ on quality trained Lusitanos.  Our lessons are fun and focused solely on you and the horse,  all classes are individual unless otherwise requested. The aim is to ensure you have a positive and rewarding experience that equipes you with plenty of insights you can carry on with your own horse.

All the teaching is with Nuno Cavaco. A true classical trainer who has learnt with many classical masters during his 25 year in the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art.


Nuno is a highly experienced classical rider and teacher who was in the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art for 25 years. He is a kind, sensitive man with a good sense of fun.  He brings these qualities to his teaching and has a great deal to offer you in helping advance your riding skills. He focusses the teaching to show you how to develop a greater partnership with your horse.



If you are looking to improve your riding, or are stuck and cannot work out what you are doing wrong!  But you know that your horse is being hindered by you.
You cannot find a better trainer than Nuno Cavaco

I knew I was blocking my horse’s shoulders, I also knew that I had trouble going right in my lateral movements, as well as on the circle, where I always felt my right rein was tight even thought I tried to give with it.

It was Nuno’s sharp eyes that pointed out that I slightly lifted my right hip when going to the right. Once he explained this, and we spent the week trying to release the right hip, my riding started to feel more balanced, and with that my unintentional right-pulling-on-the-rein-sensation disappeared.  He also ironed out other faults of mine.  Within a week, I felt like I had really progressed.

The Lusitano stallion Bingo needs a mention because he is the most wonderfully patient schoolmaster. I am looking forward to returning.

Rachel Boser UK

In fact many students after training with Nuno like to maintain their work and we provide skype lessons as a perfect way to progress your learning when you go home.

Your Options are –

  • Individual Classical Dressage Lessons – contact us to book a lesson
  • Individual in hand lessons and long lines
  • Courses combining just riding or in hand and riding
  • Holidays  – We are happy to arrange accommodation for you and your friends and family.  The area is wonderful for riders and non riders with plenty to see and do.
  • Other activities include surfing, swimming, hiking, off roading, bird watching, horse buying, vineyards and wine tasting, historic sites or simply beach time.

Contact us for package price for hotel, lessons and airport transfers.

The average cost for 7 nights in a hotel (bed and breakfast) with pack of 10 lessons and airport transfers starts at 1650 euros.

Our Client Experiences

Spending time with Nuno and Teresa at LH was a very positive experience for me.

Nuno shared his knowledge with great wisdom and respect to both horse and rider helping us achieve better harmony and balance together.

I felt in his teaching the true meaning of classical horsemanship as he assessed each of us individually and focussed on what we could do in the moment, knowing the results will come over time. Without force.

The goal was to achieve mutual understanding and uncover the best qualities of the pair, without changing the nature of either horse or rider.

I really appreciated the attention to details, the calm learning environment and the fact that the horses well being is a priority at LH.

Both Teresa and Nuno were very welcoming open to any questions and listening to the clients needs.

Claudelle Canada

I would recommend this experience to anyone who wishes to get deeper understanding of horses and improve their riding with classical principles.

Nuno and Teresa take time for the horses and treat them with so much expertise, respect and love. It was important to me that my horse received a daily training.They also give attention to all the other aspects of taking care of horses like the feeding, the handling and their health.
They are very open and heartfelt people. I enjoyed so much spending time there. Their knowledge about horses is fantastic.They have always be very supportive wanting the best for me and my horse. Really wonderful people.

I would highly recommend them for buying a horse as well as providing the on going training. Nuno is a fantastic rider, trainer & teacher. Teresa has many connections to breeders and riders, she can advice you which Lusitano could fit to you if one would like to buy one. She takes care for the horses as well with lots of love. She provides support in the training which is great for me, because I am not a professional rider I love that my horse is also hacked work in basics and in hand by her, is an advantage for me riding him.

They are a great team working very well together and I am fortunate to have had this opportunity to learn about the art of riding and understanding more about my horse under their guidance. To be honest I would have preferred to buy my horse with them, and I am grateful I could give my horse training with them!

Sandra – Ibiza

I really enjoyed the in hand work even more than I expected. It was so interesting being on the ground and seeing the exercises and the reaction of the horse to the slightest movements of my body, the reins and the whip.

The experience really made me aware of how careful and precise you have to be when using your aids to gain the correct response from the horse.

It helped me improve my contact in riding and understand he impact of my contact when unsteady.

It was also such fun

Emma UK