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Transporting Lusitano Horses from Portugal throughout Europe

When you have chosen your Lusitano horse and all vet examinations have been completed, you will be looking to import your horse. Transporting horses by road to UK can be as quick as 24 hours or take several days depending on the transport provider you select, their pick ups in Portugal and Spain and the horse’s final destination.

There are several excellent companies that provide quality horse transport which we recommend.

Truck Equine – Luxury Equine Travel

Transporting Lusitano Horses outside of the European Union

There are a more procedures required for importing a Lusitano horse outside of the European Union.

All the horses will be required to go into health and quarantine tests. The extra tests required are –

Piroplasmosis tests – this test must indicate presence of particular elements below an acceptable level this test is required for USA, Canada, China, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand.  Read our article on Understanding Piroplasomosis

CEM and EVA testing for all horses that are capable of breeding

Each country will have their own particular requirements with regard to tests and quarantine times. When looking to purchase a horse and export outside of the European Union the quarantine time and tests need to be taken into account within your costings. We recommend that you contact the transport provider and a vet in order to be sure you understand all that is involved.

Most transporters will usually arrange the documentation for you.  But remember it takes 7 days to arrange paperwork.  It is important to consider this when booking your transport. 

General Things to Consider – 

  • Pure Breed Lusitanos have a Livro de Nascimentos ‘Blue Book’ which acts as their passport and must always be with them when they are moved.  This book is registered with the APSL.
  • There is a different book for cross bred Lusitanos
  • Allow enough time to have the necessary paperwork done. In addition to the passport and health paper will need to be done.
  • You need understand that you need to be flexible in your timings as you must remember drivers   have to abide by legal driving hours, ferries can be delayed, sea conditions may not be favourable for horses, there may be long road delays.
  • Insure your horse to travel
  • If you are buying boots etc for the horse to wear while traveling ensure to get them to the handler well in advance so the horse can get use to them before starting his journey.

Here is a nice product that can help in the relocation – Blue Chip Karma Fast Absorbing daily Use Calmer available in Portugal READ REVIEW

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