The Art of the Lusitano

Art Of The Lusitano – Coffee table book

DSC_1234I very much liked the the fact that this book uses old illustrations, from previous Centuries and
combines it with modern contemporary art, to show the Lusitano Breed throughout History.
The first section of the book is about the history of the Lusitano, it uses illustrations of the original engravings from earlier centuries and describes how equitation came to Portugal and the techniques they used, its really interesting to read about the techniques used and the history of equitation. A brief introduction of the history of The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, was featured, which was short, but very interesting, followed by photos of the horses and riders, performing the different
movements, each photo has the name of the Rider and Horse. It was nice to see the actual riders and horses of the school in the photos, and their names.

DSC_1231The last part of the book, combines the Ancient Breed with modern contemporary art, with photos of
today’s Riders in Portugal, each photo shows the riders name along with the name of the horse and the breeder. The photo’s show a different horse and rider with a contemporary art background as their backdrop, showing the link between Fine Art and Equestrianism. I liked that the throughout the book, the horses and riders names are shown, I thought it was a nice touch and good publicity for the riders.

By Pedro Yglésias de Oliveira published at Xenophon Press copyright 2011

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