Where Horses Coach Humans

Lusitanos Make Great Coaches


A refuge for all the senses – this is the margravial hunting lodge Falkenhaus. Built in 1722, this elegant building is affectionately known as “the Falcon Hood”.  With its recent renovation, the owners Eva and Randolph Klautke have created one of the most beautiful retreats offering well-being for people and animals.

The lodge is located near the Wagner town of Bayreuth on the edge of the Fichtelgebirge.

Creating a symbiosis between the charm of the old castle and the hip boutique character was important to the Klautke family during their conversion.

Accordingly, the palace hall, bar, library and salon were largely left in their original condition and upgraded with modern interior highlights. For the noble four-legged friends, a stable wing was built in the old barn and a riding hall and riding arena were built in the castle garden.

The fantastic ambience of Schloss Falkenhaus is now offering stunning events-

  • Special seminar formats such as horse-assisted coaching – a method in which the horses act as coaches.
  • Welling Being Weekends
  • Coroporate Marketing and Promotional events
  • Weddings

In addition to Shetland pony Harald and Trakehner mare Lilly, the coach team also consists of Lusitano gelding Elmo and the Lusitano stallions Merengue and Egipcio. The latest arrivals are two Lusitano fillies Ofelia and Pirilampo, whom joined the team in 2022.

Horse-Assisted Coaching


In horse-assisted coaching, the horses are the mirror to the human participants. They can highlight and reveal discrepancies such as team conflicts. They reflect our energies and in turn this helps teams to explore relationship topics. This interaction provides a wonderful platform to find ways to resolve old patterns of thought and action. The horses do not need any special training for this coaching, however it is important that the animals have balance and mental strength.  We carefully select horses to suit and enjoy this work.


“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” – Sir Winston Churchill

These experiences can really open people up to new self awareness and communication possibilities in a fun and calm environment.


Eva Klautke: “In our view, their sensitivity, curiosity and people-orientation predestines the Lusitanos for this task as assistant trainers in our seminar formats. We are very pleased that in Teresa Burton and her online platform “” We have a partner at our side who also has a great feel for the individual characters when it comes to brokering and selecting the horses.”


Programmes for Companies and Individuals

In addition to the academy formats for companies such as horse-assisted coaching.  Schloss Falkenhaus also offer the private “wellness” programs, such as yoga retreats and other related short breaks. Here, too, the four-legged mental trainers are usually involved.

“Horses teach us to be present, aware, and connected not only with them, but with ourselves and our environment.” – Lisa Wysocki



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