Personal Portrait Photo Shoots

We are offering you the opportunity to have a personal portrait photo shoot in Portugal or Spain. An opportunity to capture your story in photographs.  You let us know your dream and we will arrange everything.

It can be just you or you and your partner can be with horses, one or 10, in a grand location, on a beach, in a hut where ever suits you, as long as it is somewhere special and perfect.  Can even be with your own horse!


Personal photo shoot by Lena Saugen with Madeleine Lundberg Kjelling – Madeleine is Norwegian living with her husband in Denmark she is an up and coming Blogger see her page

Let us know what you would like and we come up with a package and plan 



-1I am a photographer based in Bærums Verk, near Oslo, Norway.

My interest in photography started in my student days at Glasgow University where I worked as a photographer for Student magazine, covering all sorts of rock concerts and bands. In 1993 I participated in my first workshop with Morten Krogvold, followed by further workshops with well – known photographers such as Claire Rosen, Jeff Cowen & Jim Casper, Eivind Røhne, and Mona Nordøy to name a few.

I am always looking to broadened my work and gain inspiration and insights from others so I like to attend different types of courses, travel and meet new people. My deep and long time relationship with horses led me to Equine photography… So doing a combination of two profound passions, photography and horses is for me a fantastic opportunity to do what I love the most. I really feel I am in the right element. Aiming to show/convey the personality and character of the horse, and love to capture to magical interaction between animals and people.

I work for Equilife magazine, and have also been published in several other equine and lifestyle magazines. I also do private horse and rider portraits, as well as fashion photography. In addition I work for Lusitano Horse Finder on horse related projects for articles and art projects in Portugal and Spain.

I photograph weddings and I am working on Fine Art projects. I’ve been selected by Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation (NRK) – for internal decoration. I also work at NRK as project manager and coordinator for drama productions.

To find out more visit Lena’s website or email Lena at

To arrange a portrait photo shoot or a location shoot for fashion magazines etc contact Sandra

A few examples of Lena’s work…

10295780_664829256910620_2884196225132813448_nSusanne Wiederkehr

Susanne is a talented amateur photographer that has a real eye for photographing horses in action. She is Austrian living in Switzerland and Portugal. She currently has a super Lusitano in training in Portugal, he’s her first Lusitano as a result she has become a total fan of the breed.

Prior to purchasing Cofre for many years she successfully bred and showed Welsh Cobs. Her transition to Lusitanos was inspired by the sport of working equitation she was enthralled by the power, agility and intelligence of the Lusitano.

Susanne is particularly inspired to captures those special intimate moments of the horse and rider in action, the concentration and dynamic partnership. She loves to visit the studs and take her camera out into the field amongst the mares and foals. She also photographs the wonderful fighting black bulls. One of her fabulous photographs was recently turned into a stunning painting by Sabine Marciniak and presented at Golega.

You can see some examples of her work in the gallery below,  and you can go to her website

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