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We only take a small amount of horses in for full training.  All horses are trained personally by Nuno Cavaco. Nuno’s work is all classically based dressage both ridden and on the ground.  He was 25 years in the famous ‘Portuguese School of Equestrian Art’  where he trained with some of the most famous modern day masters.

When your horse arrives with us we will assess him and discuss with you the best way forward in terms of feeding, shoeing, training etc.  From this we will develop a ‘holistic’ training programme individually designed for your horse that includes –

  • Classically Based Dressage
  • In Hand work and lunge work
  • Riding out in countryside
  • Paddock time
  • Trips out
  • Physio treatments etc where required

To find out more about bringing your horse contact Nuno or contact Teresa

Testimonial from Charlotte


Location – Ericeira

We are in the wonderful region of Mafra just 35 minutes from Lisbon. Our stables are on a farm on the out skirts of Ericeira very close to the beaches. We have fabulous views to the ocean and to Mafra Palace in the distance.  The charming fishing town of Ericeira is an eclectic mix of tradition and bohemian.  Everyday the blue and red painted fishing boats  come into to the little harbour deliver their fish to the markets. You buy fresh fish daily and the restaurants serve many outstanding fish dishes.  particularly the shell fish is delicious and famous in the area.

Great Places to Eat!

Lovely cafes and restaurants are tucked away on the little cobbled streets light at night with fairy lights, hanging lanterns and candles. The architecture is unspoilt – houses with bright blue features and wonderful traditional tiling that you will see everywhere. Little white churches and a lovely centre square with a bandstand. The people are a mix of fishermen, locals, surfers from all over the globe here for the famous surfing beaches and tourists.  The seafront is half moon shaped with a beautiful walk lined with restaurants and bars to enjoy dining to the sunset. There are regular markets and events to enjoy and 8 beaches are associated with the town.  Certainly check out Foz de Lizandro that has a beautiful estuary.


Mafra is also a beautiful town with an outstanding Mafra National Palace that dominates the centre and can be seen for miles around.  It has the largest library in Europe. It is very Harry Potter ish! Also close to Mafra is the Tapada.

Tapada Nacional de Mafra.

was created during the reign of king João V, following the building of the Mafra National Palace, as a park for royal and court recreation.

Covering over 8 square kilometres, the park holds different species of deer, wild boar, foxes, birds of prey and many others coexisting in an unusually rich and diversified natural habitat. A favourite of the Portuguese monarchy for hunting and other leisure pursuits, the Tapada de Mafra took on a noble connotation that has done much to aid its preservation and continuity.

Its natural heritage ensures it is an excellent location for fun environmental awareness and education programmes. The Tapada is also open for walking, mountain biking, horse riding, archery and crossbow shooting activities.

To find out more about bringing your horse contact Nuno or contact Teresa


Nuno has regularly taught Classical Dressage at clinics for us. He  always makes sure that every client had a full hour of tuition and this, depending on the horse and rider, would include a mixture of lunge work, work in hand, Nuno riding and the client riding.  His intuition about the character and experience of both horse and rider is very evident and he works with them accordingly.  He was always quiet with the horses, gaining their trust and drawing out their best work.  The riders who only booked one lesson always wanted more! 

His attention to detail included changing tack if that helped the comfort and confidence of horse and rider.  He was always happy to teach horses whatever their size, breed, age or experience and riders whether novice or advanced.  The clinics were always great fun and very relaxed. 

His 25 years with The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art enables riders to benefit from his obvious talent and wealth of experience.

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