A Creative Path Inspired by Lusitanos & Portugal

me copyI started Lusitano Horse Finder in 2010 and have been successfully partnering  Lusitano Horses with their perfects partners all around the World ever since.  I originally launched the business because I had relocated to Portugal with my husband to full fill his dream. Sadly the dream wasn’t quite what he imagined and things didn’t work out.  I needed to work, I love to work and so what better opportunity than to match my lifelong love of horses with my business skills – Lusitano Horse Finder was born.

Over the years this business has evolved hugely now I feel it’s a more holistic expression of the horses, life, tradition and the captivating romance of Portugal.  There is no doubt for me that the Portuguese Horses are more than just beautiful animals they represent so much about the heart of country, so much, in fact that they played an important part on Portugal’s historical development. With my travels around the country visiting the studs,  training yards, talking to people I’ve come more and more to realise just how phenomenal this integrated relationship with the Lusitanos, the culture and the traditions really is.

Totally inspired I’ve directed Lusitano Horse Finder to evolve organically to embrace this essence, and hopefully give everyone the opportunity to experience it in different and creative ways.

The very essence of our lives is intertwined with those around us – people, animals, plants our cultures beliefs and history loss one part and there is knock on effect that is capable of escalating out of control.  It is like that saying when a butterfly flaps it’s wings in China then the wind changes in New Mexico” I metaphor reminding us that everything we do has a knock on effect! How important is it then that we always act and do the very best we can be caring and mindful of those around us. For me it means that everything Lusitano Horse Finder does must be done in a mindful sensitive way that benefits others.

Now the business is greater than me it is a creative expression that brings together people and horses, traditions and modern day.  There are not many countries in the world that  hold so dear and true their culture and traditions – where the young people despite having all the modern conveniences and equipment easy assess to the rest of Europe value their culture to this degree.  One area you cannot help but see this is in the Portuguese cuisine the people of Portugal passionately guard and support their foods, wines and eating traditions. Certainly  in the UK I am not sure how easy it would be for a foreign visitor to find truly traditionally British cuisine (which is in fact extensive).


Painting by Beatrice Bulteau in her book ´Lusitano`

It is my absolute goal and mission that Lusitano Horse Finder keeps ‘heart’ in all it’s dealings to always act with integrity and maintains an honest service and communication with everyone that comes into contact with us.

We offer horses in the best way we can, no hard selling techniques, we know just how deeply personal a horse purchase is  and how important it is to get it right when ‘finding your perfect Luso Partner’.

Please read the testimonial below I receive many like this I think sums up all I am trying to say.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy all we have to offer and keep in touch with us.  Please always feel free to get in touch with feedback, ideas, suggestions we are always ready to listen.

You can email me anytime 

Wishing warmth and happiness where ever you go in life.

Teresa Burton

Founder of Lusitano Horse Finder

I have worked with Teresa Burton of Lusitano Horse Finder for several years, having made a number of visits to Portugal looking for Lusitano dressage horses.

I can happily recommend Teresa as knowledgeable, intelligent, honest and a pleasure in every way.  Teresa carefully screens the horses, trainers and owners she represents, and is very candid about the information she is able to provide. If there are questions she cannot answer, she will tell you that, and if she can find out what you need to know, she will, and promptly!
She is well-respected by top horsemen and women in Portugal, with a well-deserved reputation for integrity and fairness.  Teresa is not a “hard sell” type, doing her best to provide her clients with appropriate horses to chose from, without wearing the buyer down by showing horses that are not suitable.  Respectful and kind, Teresa will offer her opinion if asked but does not try to influence what she knows is a very personal decision.
I would and have recommended that friends and family contact Teresa first when looking for an Iberian horse.  My confidence in her professionalism and friendly supportive attitude has proven to be fully justified!                                                                             Candace Platz USA
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