The Coudelarias (stud farms) are incredible, many have been breeding Lusitano horses for decades,  passing the knowledge and passion on through the family. Their knowledge of the breed, their dedication, belief in the breed´s potential is second to none. This ancient breed of horse has played a major role in Portugal’s history, traditions and the country’s development. With the horses comes a whole array of spectacular shows, classical equitation, horsemanship on the land and in the festivals, the elegant tack and costumes are romantic speaking of times past.

Considered ‘The Horses of Kings’ there is no doubt the whole country is extremely proud of this noble animal and what it represents.

The stud farms (Coudelarias) are largely located in the Alentejo and the Ribatejo but breeders can be found all over Portugal. Also we cannot forget there are successful Lusitano Studs all over the world – France, Brazil, Spain, Mexico to mention a few.

Many Coudelarias have super environments for their young horses to grow up with extensive land of rolling hills, giving youngsters the best start in life. Roaming thee landscapes in herds they develop strong limbs, tendons, hearts and social skills.

Visiting a Coudelaria is a special experience and if you have a Lusitano, are thinking of buying one or are just interested then a visit is a ‘must do’ thing on your life list!

The APSL are a vital source of information too and you can access lots of really great information there.  See our page on APSL.  In addition there are numerous breed societies around the world wherever Lusitanos are found.  They can offer valuable information and support to owners, prospective owners and breeders..