Lusitano Coudelarias (Stud Farms)



They play the most vital part in the survival of the Lusitano which is still considered a ‘rare breed’.

The Coudelarias (stud farms) are incredible,  a lot have been breeding producing Lusitano horses for many many years,  passing the knowledge and passion on through the family for generations. Their knowledge of the horses is second to none, their dedication, belief in the breed and it’s future is fantastic. You cannot help but be captivated by their passion for the Lusitanos. Indeed the horses have played a major role in Portugal’s history, traditions and the country’s development. With the horses comes a whole array of spectacular shows, classical equitation, horsemanship on the land and in the festivals, the tack and costumes are romantic and a speak of times past. Considered ‘The Horses of Kings’ there is no doubt the whole country is extremely proud of this noble animal and what it represents.

Visit the website of the APSL

You can find many excellent books on this subject – see our recommendations.

The stud farms (Coudelarias) are largely located in the Alentejo and the Ribatejo but breeders can be found all over Portugal. Also we cannot forget there are Lusitano Studs all over the world – France, Brazil, Mexico and so on.

Many of the Coudelarias have super environments for their young horses to grow up in, giving them the best start in life with strong limbs, hearts and social skills as they live in herds.

Visiting a Coudelaria is highly recommended and is always a special experience and if you have a Lusitano, are thinking of buying one or are just interested then a visit is a ‘must do’ thing on your life list!

Lusitano Horse Finder realise and value the breeders hugely without them we would not be here. We believe it is vitally important for people to understand what goes into breeding quality Lusitanos.

  • The history
    The breeding philosophy
    The bloodlines
    How breeders are coping with the new demands on the horses in competition
    Their future plans

All of these ingredients are required to produce the remarkable and versatile Lusitano Horse.

Our commitment to the Breeders is to ensure we provide our clients and readers with knowledge about all they do.  We are doing this via a monthly breeder profile and interview, and regular stud visits. We will be including other Lusitano Studs around the world too.

The Stud Farm Heritage

Many of the studs have lots of other fabulous aspects to them also – some produce quality wines, olive oil, meats and cork.  We are keen to include their other activities into our articles.  Sandra, our blogger for Alex in LusoLand is reviewing many of their products.

We regularly arrange stud visits and publish our articles on the website and in magazines.

The Lusitano Breed Association

The APSL are a vital source of information too and you can access lots of really great information there.  See our page on APSL.  In addition there are numerous breed societies around the world wherever Lusitanos are found.  They can offer valuable information and support to owners, prospective owners and breeders..

We sincerely hope you enjoy our articles and interviews about the breeders and their horses.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you would like to arrange a visit, maybe a group visit or even an event at the Stud.

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