Distance is not a Barrier – Train Online

Thank you Nuno for a wonderful online streaming lesson with you. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was fantastic I loved it. At first I was nervous and very self-conscious, you made me feel at ease. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and comfortable it was . Nuno you gave me clear and concise instructions, listened to my questions and answered them without hesitation. The video lesson went so fast and flowed without any issues.  I can’t wait for our next one! I would definitely recommend A++

Danielle Skerman Baroque Dressage Horse Magazine

Distance does not need to be a barrier

We are constantly finding that our students in clinics and visiting us on riding holidays want to continue their training on a monthly basis but don’t have the time to organise clinics or come every month to Portugal.  A great and really effective solution is having your lessons via SKYPE or other online streaming methods!

“Did you know that in the last Olympics 2016 in the dressage competition there was one rider competing that was trained largely via Skype!”

Maintain & Develop your Learning

We can schedule a time with you then Nuno can lead an online lesson with you and your horse – these sessions can be extremely helpful and flexible.

It means you are not waiting too long between clinics or Portugal visits to maintain and further your training in the best way.

You can also work on any problems you are experiencing, have some pre-competition preparation and learning new exercises.

Learn more about Nuno Cavaco´s teaching principles

50 minute Skype lessons – you need

  • A mobile phone or tablet
  • Good wifi connection
  • A set of wireless headphones
  • A friend to hold the phone or tablet

Or you can invest in the amazing PIXIO Live Coaching Packs

Price is 75 euros per 45 minute lesson, please warm up your horse before the lesson begins.  A course of 10 lessons is 680 euros.  Payment can be made via bank transfer or via Paypal

Dressage Holidays in Portugal


we consider a trial and set up session and the price is 30 euros

Video feed back – send us your video link and we offer a written feedback

Price – 50 euros

I’ve find the Skype lessons with Nuno Cavaco hugely beneficial, they especially to help me and my horses maintain consistency and continue to progress with our work in between clinics.

I’ve learnt just as much in my online skype lessons with Nuno as in person!

The earphones I use are Philips and designed for runners. They work perfectly, you need to stay roughly within 10m of the person holding your phone due to the blue tooth range. After the first trial session where we set everything up, it’s been fun, easy and straightforward.  It´s important to remember to have your phone and your earphones fully charged! At our arena is, we don’t have a Wi-Fi range but fortunately I have enough data on my phone so it isn’t a problem. It really is just a case of having a good friend to stand holding the phone for you. I think the only real disadvantage is that your friend cannot hear what Nuno is saying!

I really love my Skype lessons and would recommend them to anybody who wants to continue to progress and have the  opportunity to be taught by someone as generous in sharing their knowledge as Nuno Cavaco is.

Claire Whitfield UK