Scenes of Golegã 2017 by Lena Saugen

Once again Golegã has been and gone thoroughly enjoyed by people from all over the globe.

It’s probably one of the most photographed events in Portugal and in the top 50 of equestrian activities worldwide, covered by numerous magazines and website articles.

The eccentric mix of tradition, modern and the sense of the timeless inspires all photographers both professional and amateur. You cannot help but click at every turn all day and way into the night. When walking around I see every other person clutching their camera in anticipation and wonder for sure I am doing the same.  Needless to say it is quite difficult to be original when you are photographing something already so captured by so many but it seems not so for our super creative photographer Lena Saugen (  Her visit was short but sweet and in that time she has completely wowed us all with her special and awesome view of Golegã National Fair 2016.

I make no apologies for publishing so many images as each and everyone is utterly stunning.

Work of a true artist, she doesn’t need special lights, studios, set up moment just her creativity, her camera and imagination. See for yourself why we are so proud to have Lena Saugen on our team.