Haagen Dazs

Haagen Dazs is a big pure bred Lusitano gelding with huge pressence. A tall boy standing at 170cms., he is compact and powerful. Born 2012. Easy to handle from the ground - groom, wash, load in a horsebox and shoe. Currently in training with us since June 2020, although behind in his training level for his age this horse is naturally gifted for advanced exercises currently doing all lateral work in all gaits, extensions. Learning single flying changes and has started piaffe and passage. He learns very quickly and is super fun to teach.

His gaits are very elastic, correct and good quality., moving with a lot of natural suspension, lightness and his transitions are uphill. Nice and steady in the contact, works well in a snaffle or double bridle.

Haagen Dazs has huge potential as a high level dresage competition horse and would suit an ambitious and confident rider. He could be at PSG level within a year. He hacks out.

Currently living most of the time in a paddock and occansionally in a stable. For video and more information contact teresa@lusitanohorsefinder.com




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  • Location:

    Eirceira Portugal

  • Price:

    under 30,000 euros