Discover Your Perfect Horse

It all starts by contacting us…

With Lusitano Horse Finder you have different ways to find your horse and it really depends on what type of support through the process suits you the best.

We like to discuss with you in detail more about the type of horse you are looking for –

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Temperament
  • Height
  • Bloodlines
  • Training Level
  • Your Riding Level
  • Likes and dislikes
  • What is the horse for breeding, competition, leisure, shows etc
  • Where will the horse be going

We will need to have an idea of your budget. Lusitanos vary a lot in price which is according to their lines, achievements and potential.

Next Step

Once we have established a good understanding of the type of horse you are looking for then we can start sending you suggestions with photos and video.

From this we hope that together we will work out a list of Lusitanos for you to see and try.  

Now you have a couple of choices –

We can meet you at the airport or hotel and take you directly to the horses.  This does mean you can relax and arrive fresh without the stress of driving and finding places.  

If you take this option we do ask that you cover our costs  in terms of car hire, road tolls, fuel and refreshments.  Sometimes it is necessary to stay in another hotel one night as the distances between the horses makes it more comfortable this way.

The second option –

we organise all your appointments for you, send you the contact details and addresses so you can make your own way there.  We would like at some stage during your trip to meet up for a review and ensure all is going well for you.

We do have clients that buy without coming to look at the horses. Although we don’t recommend this we do fully appreciate that some prefer this approach and for others it is not convenient to visit.  In these cases we will endeavour to give you as much video, photo and horse history we can.

You can check out our policy for buying from video here plus read about other propel´s experiences

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Trip Preparation

We highly recommend when you come to try horses that you always bring your own riding clothing, a safety helmet and appropriate riding boots.  You cannot rely on the yards to supply these.

Personal Insurance

Also have your own travel insurance that covers horse riding. We have a partnership with World Nomads Get your quote.

We recommend you only get on horses you feel happy and comfortable with.  Also best to see owner/rider work them first.

If you are looking at horses in liberty we advise that you watch from the viewing area and not inside the arena.  If you choose to be in the arena with them please take caution as horses can become playful especially young colts and stallions. They may want to bull fight you :-).

We will not send you to poor quality establishments with bad conditions and we will always endeavour to choose appropriate horses but not every horse suits every person. 

Also we can only describe a horse as we saw him at the time, things can change and we cannot be held responsible for this.

Please see our terms and conditions

The Portuguese Tourist Board publish lots of good advise for visits

View Horses

We are committed to presenting quality Lusitanos and other iberian breeds from reputable breeders and trainers known to us.

A majority of horses we include on our website are assessed prior to featuring them.

  • Temperament – How are they to handle in stable, grooming, washing, leading, interaction with rider and other horses etc
  • Soundness – The horses are walked out and trotted up to evaluate
  • Conformation
  • Movement – Loose in School, On the Lunge, Ridden – in all gaits
  • Training level – Competition experience/results etc
  • Check paperwork – APSL 

Be Prepared

Choosing your Lusitano horse see link for characteristics and conformation of a Lusitano  – This is a link to features of a lusitano

When you are looking at the horses try not to be in a hurry.  See the horse in liberty, ridden inside and outside, handled on ground etc. 

Only ride if you are comfortable to do so. If you view the horse a second time which we recommend ride from the start if comfortable to do so. 

Ask to see the blue book (passport) or relevant paperwork.

What Next

We highly recommend that you have a full 5 stage pre purchase examination prior to purchase. It is advisable to include blood tests and x-rays .


When importing to USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa you need to understanding the import regualtions on Piroplasmosis


There is a certain amount of paperwork required when transferring ownership to you. The APSL has lots of information and printable documents you need.

Stallion Castration

Very few horses are offered for sale in Portugal and Spain as geldings it’s more traditional to keep males entire.  The stallions are generally stabled from the age of 3 years old, only a small amount of yards have turnout for them.  For many buyers it is better have a gelding or mare to fit with living environment they have for their horses.

The process to castrate a male horse is a fairly simple surgical procedure with few risks but there are things to consider when making this decision click here

Worldwide Equine Transport

Looking to import your horse from Portugal to your country there are many good companies to consider to transport your Lusitano.