Charlotte and Garboso

I came across Nuno and Teresa’s equestrian yard through an old teacher of mine whom I greatly respect, and decided to take a lesson during my next visit to Portugal, as they came highly recommended, and were brilliantly located.  This is how I began classical dressage lessons with them in 2016.

Beginning My Journey

Although having lessons on the wonderful horses they had was great and really brought my riding along, it quickly became clear that my lifelong dream to have my own horse was within reach, with their support. From the lessons and discussions, they had an idea of what type of Lusitano I was interested in. It didn’t take them long. When I was next in Portugal, my dream horse was in the stables waiting for me to try. It was love at first sight (and ride!) and by the end of the trip, Garboso (Bo), a six year old stallion, was mine!


Charlotte and Garboso


Teresa and Nuno guided me through the whole process of vetting and purchasing, which was wonderful. Their competence and experience really ensured that everything progressed smoothly, and gave me that extra confidence when making this big decision.
Due to my circumstances it was not possible for me to have Bo where I live and so the plan developed for him to stay with Teresa and Nuno for training, and for me to ride whenever in Portugal. Given that I am in Portugal on an almost monthly basis, this has proven to be a fantastic solution.

In Safe Hands and Guidance

During my absence I am regularly updated, with videos, photos and feedback, and occasional real time online sessions to watch him work, so Bo is never far away, and I am able to participate in his evolution.

Working In Hand

Lina ith her Mare 66


Bo is in fantastic hands. It is now two years on and he has come so far. He is sensitively trained without being pushed too quickly, Bo really enjoys working and showing off what he can do. Happily he is not schooled every day in the arena, but instead is taken on weekly regular hacks, worked in hand, on lunge, schooled with poles and obstacles or left to relax in his paddock. Whenever I am in Portugal I take lessons, they are always fun, I am learning so much. It is a privilege to learn from Nuno: not only is he highly experienced; he is also kind, gentle and patient. Sometimes we all go on beautiful hacks in the countryside.

nuno and bo

Bo In Hand Work

Bo is handled and taken care of in a loving manner;

Teresa and Nuno treat him as one of their own.

In addition he is well taken care of by Nuno Bernardes the vet/farrier/dentist – all rolled in to one. One day, I hope to bring Bo to where I live (or if I win the lottery, I move to Portugal!), but at this moment, keeping  Bo with Teresa and Nuno is such a wonderful solution, I can rest easy, knowing that he is a very happy horse receiving a holistic training and is lovingly taken care of.

By Charlotte Irps-Potschke – Images by Bruno Barata

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Images below show Garboso´s evolution.

Nuno has regularly taught Classical Dressage at clinics for us. He  always makes sure that every client had a full hour of tuition and this, depending on the horse and rider, would include a mixture of lunge work, work in hand, Nuno riding and the client riding.  His intuition about the character and experience of both horse and rider is very evident and he works with them accordingly.  He was always quiet with the horses, gaining their trust and drawing out their best work.  The riders who only booked one lesson always wanted more! 

His attention to detail included changing tack if that helped the comfort and confidence of horse and rider.  He was always happy to teach horses whatever their size, breed, age or experience and riders whether novice or advanced.  The clinics were always great fun and very relaxed. 

His 25 years with The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art enables riders to benefit from his obvious talent and wealth of experience.

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