Expoégua – Lusitano Mares Show

Expoéqua – Mares Show held in May every year in Golegã

The show is a relaxed affair where you can see Lusitano Mares, foals and yearling colts been shown for their conformation and gaits in the the central arena.

Situated around the Manga are the breeder’s ‘Casettas’, here you have the opportunity to meet the breeders. The ‘Casettas’ are small wooden houses designed to greet guests offer wines and olives along side each Casetta, some examples of their horses are presented in stalls. Not nearly as busy as at Golegã Lusitano Fair in November but there will be some breeders presenting horses in the cassettas.

During the weekend there are other activities such as working equitation and dressage. This is held in the new competition arenas.

It is a very lovely, calm weekend perfect for enjoying the horses meeting friends and doing some shopping in the numerous shops and stalls.  Eating out is easy with plenty of restaurants to enjoy also you can go to the clubs or the occasional party.

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