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Looking to Move to Portugal – Start a New Adventure!

Portugal is fast becoming a preferred country in which to relocate. In recent years more and more people are starting new adventures  and there are many great reasons to do this.


In 2018 Portugal won Europe’s Leading destination.

Lisbon is regularly ranked as a top city destination

Portugal won golf awards for best destination for golfing

Best surfing in Europe

Ranked in the top 5 safest countries in the world

We are always being asked if we know about or to find a special property suitable for equestrian activities and of course we often come across great properties during our travels around Portugal. From our adventures our property agency as evolved to bring to you a selection of beautiful Equestrian or potentially equestrian orienated farms, estates and homes in Potugal.

If you decide Portugal is the perfect opportunity for you then we may be able to help.

Partnered with Atriovision in Cascaiswho are established experts in property agency. Together we are able to provide you with professional support and service in your purchase from start to finish.

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We are also linked with qualified experts in the field to offer extra services in design, project management, building, equestrian advice and access to professionals to support you and your horses, relocating and finance.

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Property Buying Tips

Buying property in Portugal is not complicated and can be very straightforward provided the property is all sorted legally.  There is good protection both for the buyer and for the seller. But it is essential that you have the correct expert support and advice to take you through the process.  There are many aspects that need to be fully checked before making the purchase. Such as –

  • Ownership
    Planning permission for further development
    Legality of the existing buildings
    Debts on the property and any existing mortgage
    Water – water mines, wells etc
    Any plans for development close by and which could affect the property
    Neighbour’s right to buy

Extra Costs

When purchasing property there are extra costs you will need to take into account.  You should allow 3-10% on top of the purchase price to cover things like:

  • Purchase Tax (IMT) which is based on a sliding scale from 0% to 6.5% of the declared value.
    Notary charges
    Stamp Duty
    Legal charges usually around 700-1,000 euros. Always find out how much your lawyer will
    charge before you instruct them to do any work.

Doing your research and gaining a good understanding of Portugal and the purchasing process makes a big difference, there is an excellent book written by Gabrielle Collison – Buying Property in Portugal.  This book, written in English is a very concise and clear read covering everything you need to know when buying or renting in Portugal.