Emergosol Lusitanos

Emergosol Lusitano Stud was founded in by Anne Langan and her daughter Emma Rogers.   It came about purely from a love and passion for horses, and a series of connections. Anne was asked to help find two Lusitano mares for breeding by a friend in the UK. The search for a ‘couple of mares’ resulted in coming home with a whole lot more! This naturally led onto Anne with a friend buying and selling Lusitanos for a while. Then this gradually developed into the stud it is today.

The Farm

The farm is located close to Torres Vedras about 40 minutes from Lisbon airport in a small village.  It is a rustic friendly farm with around 24 Lusitanos in total consisting of mares, their off spring and one main stallion Zolista (OC).  Zolista is a pure bred Ortigao Costa that is now being competed by Emma at PSG level.  He is also their main breeding stallion, although almost every year they do use one or two outside stallions – as they are developing their herd breed of mares produced on the farm.

when you arrive at the farm you will be greeted by many friendly animals – dogs, cats, horses and humans!

All the horses live outside even the stallions are turned out for a minimum of 6 hours per day.  In addition they prefer, whenever possible to keep their ridden Lusitanos bare foot.  Anne does do some of the trimming herself or they call in a bare foot trimmer.

All the horses  from birth are well handled and very used to coming into stables, being led etc.  This makes life a lot easier when they come in to start work. It is accepted very naturally by them as simply a next step.

The Stud Philosophy

Anne and Emma’s working philosophy is very much about being as natural as possible and this is reflected in the horses diet, hoof care and general

life style.  Once the youngsters start their working life they are sometimes started on the farm and sometimes sent to one of Anne’s other daughter’s Georgina Rogers, who is a professional rider/trainer.  They go for  backing, initial training and sometime to compete in dressage.

The Colts

Many of Emergosol’s colts are gelded for several reasons –

  • It is very small farm and all horses are closely together
  • They find most their clients will actually geld the colt they buy so gelding early young means less stallion behaviour develops.
  • If the are very stallion in their attitude
  • It is very hard to find geldings in Portugal

If a colt is considered a breeding prospect then he will not be gelded.

If you want to know more or visit their Stud, receive videos and details please message me Teresa

CREDITS – Editorial Interview- Teresa Burton    Photography  – Lena Saugen Photography and Andrea