A Photographic Journey with Friends

Portugal and it´s Lusitanos have a remarkable way of leading us into endless unexpected but always satisfying Adventures.  This one to Ducal palace and the castle in Vila Vicosa was no exception.

A Journey of Inner Discovery

When I think of Equestrian Heritage it evokes romantic childhood dreams of ladies in fine dresses, knights in shinning armor, elegant carriages, white stallions, long manes and flowing tails.  Great horses in harness turning the heavy soil or galloping across early morning dew soaked meadows in the pursuit of the wiley fox. Indeed equestrian heritage has always fascinated me. Now living in Portugal I´ve found myself immersed in a culture that has romance at it´s heart, which is found intrinsically intertwined all through the traditions, the art, culture, clothing, fairs and celebrations.

Taking Hold of my Soul

The country and it´s heritage has subtly crept into my soul, moved me to change many things about myself and discover who I truly am. My work, my passion takes me all around the country visiting castles, palaces, manor houses
equestrian centres, farms large and small. During all this I never for a moment imaged that I would be writing articles and having the wonderful opportunities I now have. I´m internally grateful. But my journey has not been alone, Lena Saugen a true and wonderful companion has traveled much of the road with me and without her many adventures would certainly not have happened.