Sandra and Honorato

How you came to us, why and why you stayed?

Some years ago I got in touch with Teresa, because I was looking for a horse. I believe it was through her website which impressed me, because it provides so much information about the Lusitano horse, training and buying.

During my next visit to Portugal, I wanted to meet her and the same time she showed me 2 Lusitanos.
She was very open and heartfelt, I appreciated her expertise and professional support. I felt I was in good hands. Also I had the opportunity to meet Nuno at a presentation of one of the horses she was showing me. While trying the horse he guided me in a way that made me feel safe and confident. I was grateful to meet them both.

Unfortunately we lost contact and a few years passed before I found a horse in 2018. A lusitano which I believed fulfilled the qualities I was looking for. I wanted him to be trained in the classical dressage and was looking for a suitable stable. I was so happy that Nuno and Teresa had one place open so Honorato could commence his new development programme with them.

How have you and Honorato developed?

Honorato has developed a great deal. He has build his top line, become much stronger, his body has changed a lot, he can work in self carriage and balance now.
He has developed more trust and is less heavy on the bit. I still need  to get to know him better  in order to trust him fully. But I now feel much more confident to have with me and start our work together. I know it is just a matter of time.

Training in Portugal with Nuno Cavaco



What do you think of the service you get – what can be improved, likes dislikes etc the training, the care etc.?

I always feel very welcome and so well looked after. Always picked up at the airport as well as daily pick up from the hotel. Everything was prepared with great care. In the lessons with Nuno I learned about how important the basics are, slowing down, having patience, progressing step by step, giving clear boundaries and directions.
Nuno’s calm and clear guidance gave me trust, there was a lot of time to ask any question about the training and understanding the way of the horse which was wonderful.

A Thought

What might have been good for me, considering my own training, would be to have lessons on another horse which is more advanced and used to other riders. Riding on Honorato was sometimes a bit limiting for me, because he in the beginning he had the tendency to speed up and we had to work a lot on him slowing down to work more in balance and lightness.


Honorato and Sandra

May be one other thing which could be improved a bit is the diary page on the website. It is great that I could follow the development of my horse on line. Because I came only every 2 month, I would have loved to read a bit more about his process or sometimes see a short video or photos. But in the end it is fine how it was. And we were often in contact as well through the phone with whataapp. I appreciated this.

Do you think he received a rounded training programme?

Yes, I think it is a very balanced training of hacking out, developing his body in the dressage training ridden and in hand.


Honorato and nuno

How is he to ride the feeling and training?

To ride on Honorato is still a bit of a challenge for me. His trot changed a lot. When I bought him, it was very flat, now he swings more through the back with greater suspension this is more difficult to sit for me, especially if he speeds up. However the more I practise on him this has already improved, I am learning to feel the trot more. I love the canter, it is much more up hill,  the walk is great, very forward, swinging, nice to sit on him. Now I am looking forward to having him with me so I can grow with him.

Your ambitions with him?

Riding dressage as well as hacking out. Doing liberty work and creating horse performances together with other riders.

What stands out for you?

Nuno and Teresa take time for the horses and treat them with much expertise, respect and love. It was important to me that Honorato receives a daily training.
They also give attention to all the other aspects of taking care for a horse like the feeding, the handling and their health.
They are very open and heartfelt people and I enjoyed so much spending time with them. Their knowledge about horses is fantastic, I could learn so much from them.
I have found them to always be very supportive and want the best for me and my horse. Really wonderful people.

Would you recommend us?

Yes absolutely. For buying a horse as well as providing the on going training. Nuno is a fantastic rider and a good trainer & teacher.  Teresa has many connections to breeders and riders,  she can advice you which Lusitano could fit to you if one would like to buy one. She takes care for the horses as well with lots of love and supports Nuno in the training which is great for me, because I am not a professional rider and that my horse also gets hacked out or longed by her, is an advantage for me riding him. Nuno and Teresa are a great team working very well together and I am fortunate to have had this opportunity to learn about the art of riding and understanding more about my horse under their guidance. To be honest I would have preferred to buy my horse with them, and I am grateful I could give Honorato in training with them!

By Sandra Morrel  Images by Bruno Barata

Find out about having your horse in training with us

Nuno has regularly taught Classical Dressage at clinics for us. He  always makes sure that every client had a full hour of tuition and this, depending on the horse and rider, would include a mixture of lunge work, work in hand, Nuno riding and the client riding.  His intuition about the character and experience of both horse and rider is very evident and he works with them accordingly.  He was always quiet with the horses, gaining their trust and drawing out their best work.  The riders who only booked one lesson always wanted more! 

His attention to detail included changing tack if that helped the comfort and confidence of horse and rider.  He was always happy to teach horses whatever their size, breed, age or experience and riders whether novice or advanced.  The clinics were always great fun and very relaxed. 

His 25 years with The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art enables riders to benefit from his obvious talent and wealth of experience.

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