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Former Rider at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art

Nuno Cavaco

is a highly experienced classical rider and teacher who has been in the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art for 25 years. He is a kind, sensitive man with a good sense of fun.  He brings these qualities to his teaching and has a great deal to offer you in helping advance your riding skills and develop a greater partnership with your horse.

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During his time at the Riding School Nuno traveled extensively throughout Europe giving shows and displays.  He has gained huge experience in riding many different horses. An added bonus is that Nuno’s equine knowledge extends to veterinary and during the shows he was responsible, along side the main vet for the care and well being of the horses.  Of course this extra knowledge really adds value to his training methods and awareness when working with horses.


We provide Classical Dressage Lessons on quality trained Lusitanos

Your Options are –

  • Individual Classical Dressage Lessons – contact us to book a lesson
  • In hand lessons
  • Courses combining just riding or in hand and riding
  • Holidays  – We are happy to arrange accommodation for you and your friends and family.  The area is wonderful for riders and non riders with plenty to see and do.

BOOK YOUR LESSONS or your HOLIDAY   to find out more EMAIL US – Teresa

When I first met Nuno my self-esteem was down at rock bottom and my horse carried a lot of tension. His calm, gentle way gave me the support and strength to carry on.

Nuno’s eye and sense for consistent detail is incredible, because it’s always about the details! He simplifies even the hardest things, the most abstract things become so much more easy to understand. He is a very committed trainer and shows interest even when he isn’t nearby, giving tips for development, to improve scoring when competing. The commitment he shows every day is just so invaluable. When working with horses he manages to bring the natural suppleness, impulsion and collection in such a graceful and calm way. The feeling of the horse when riding after Nuno’s work is just heavenly.

Anne-Maaria Peltonen. Sweden

Portugal Holidays

Dressage Holidays in Portugal

We offer holidays that suit you and your friends and family. Most of the holidays we design with you to suit your required.  Your break can include –

  • Classical Dressage Lessons
  • Combined Riding, stud visits, Portuguese School of Equestrian art
  • If you are artistic and would like to learn more about the morphology of the Lusitanos we offer courses in riding, study and art work.

The accommodation in the area ranges from 5 star hotels to bed and breakfast and self catering to suit all pockets/

Let us know what you are looking for and we will send you suggestions.

My daughter and I went to Portugal to improve our riding on well-educated Lusitanos  and to learn, how we could help our own horse to get in a better balance. With Nuno Cavaco we have had a very experienced trainer for classical dressage. He has a big knowledge regarding the riding, the riding equipment and veterinary aspects. He is really focuses on you and your horse. He has a very high sensitivity for the horses. He quickly realizes any tension, stiffness or imbalance in the horses and his aim is to bring the rider and the horse in the best balance and harmony, that they can achieve. You can easily discuss with him on which kind of problem- regarding your own riding or your own horse- you want to work on. And I can tell you, you will never feel bad or unqualified. If you or the horse has any problem with an exercise- he changes the way to explain it or is changing the exercise a little bit to reach to a good result. You never feel a pressure and we laughed a lot.

Many many thanks to Nuno, we improved a lot and will return next year!

Testimonial by Simone Shilling from Germany


Learn more about visiting Portugal at Visit Portugal

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I am returning to riding horses after a break of many many years. I went to Portugal for some lessons from a super highly trained classical dressage rider Nuno Cavaco at Lusitano Horse Finder Patio in Quinta da Marinha Cascais.

Teresa and Nuno organised for me to have lessons in the world class arena on a beautiful and classically trained Lusitano stallion called Alentejo. Nuno put me at ease straight away, so I didn’t feel out of place for my lack of experience and relative novice status.

We worked on walk, trot and canter transitions and he found ways to discuss aids and seat that meant I could easily understand and put into practice his suggestions.

He took care to explain how the changes we were making would affect the horse and my riding. He had an eye for the smallest details and communicated his insights clearly so I could refine my own understanding and position. It is clear Nuno has a huge amount of experience and knowledge and I felt he was totally empathetic to a relative novice rider. His compassion and love of horses was also clear. I felt totally spoiled and thoroughly indulged to have this time to work carefully and calmly on improving my contact and my seat. Alentejo was responsive and wonderful to ride.

I found that I had to pinch myself to realise I wasn’t dreaming – and that I was riding in this arena, with an incredible horse and a brilliant gem of an instructor. I found Nuno to be a kind, professional and considerate teacher who was extremely polite and friendly with a lovely sense of humour too. I felt the things I have learned will help me enormously in my riding back home.

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