Christophe Taniere – Equine Photographer

A new photographer in the Lusitano Horse Finder Team – Christophe Taniere

christophe taniere equine photographerI was introduced to Christophe at the Feira Nacional do Cavalo Golegã. Immediately, I had a feeling I was going to love his work, I have not been disappointed.

He is a modest, quiet French man with a super friendly, shy smile and a warm manner. You cannot help liking him straight away.  Within 5 minutes I found myself offering him the opportunity to join us to do a fun photo shoot,  simply to see how we all got on. Happily he agreed and so the adventure began we arranged a studio session later that day.  By the time he returned – I had arranged a shoot with two gorgeous white stallions from Coudelaria Miguel Felix da Costa.

Christophe had no idea what to expect and the truth be known nor did I. I simply thought what a great opportunity and how interesting to invite Lusitano horses and Christophe into our studio. It could not have turned out better and more importantly was so much fun. In fact so much so we quickly arranged further studio sessions and other sessions around the Golegã Festival.

Image – The stunning Grand Prix Stallion Altaneiro ridden by Sergio Martin pops into our studio for a quick look!

The fabulous images Christophe produced have been commended and admired by many, they have a truly individual flare about them. Indeed some are shortly to be featured in magazines including Equilife World.

Why are they special?

I think because they’re absolutely stylish and very much in the essence of how I like to portray Lusitanos at Lusitano Horse Finder – as noble horses with so much heritage and history but equally are ‘the horse of the moment’ – modern and dynamic.


A Self Educated Man

There is no doubt in my mind Christophe’s work is exciting, modern and expressive, he manages to give a fresh view on a much photographed subject, offering the viewer a ‘new eye’ and a completely different perspective and tone. He is also impressively a ‘self educated man’, driven by his fascination for the world of image, inspired by beauty, the unusual and always curious to create new impressions on the everyday. He brings an artistic influence to his photographic heaven – the equestrian world. Passionately exploring the fine balances between light, compositions, magnifying shapes, strength and the morphology of horses. There is something very motivating about his work I think it is in his attention to detail the tiniest part is not over looked – a feeling that he strives to achieve perfection looking for it in something in front of him, not set up in a studio.

Ever looking to expand his talent he travels the globe photographing horses and riders in their particular environments exploring for fresh ways to express them.  You will see when looking at his work how he admires the interaction between the different elements how a simple images is brought alive with a new sharpness – he is certainly more than a photographer.

His personal success speaks for it’s self , he’s regularly commissioned to photograph stars such as Jessica Springsteen, Guillaume Canet and Charlotte Casiraghi. The FEI spotted his talent and different approach he works for them at many major events such as Longines bringing some really cutting edge style to their marketing.

A study on tail plaiting

golega plaitCtanierephotographie-8261-web copyCtanierephotographie-8286-web copy

He is now collecting a body of his work for on his own ‘Equestrian Photographic Book’ Hopefully it will not be too long before he publishes it.

Do take a look at my latest article on Golegã to see some more of his work. 

GOLEGA An Extraordinary Experience

Needless to say we are all excited to be working with him and looking forward to future projects.

Also COMING SOON – Photographic Artwork by Christophe will be available in our Lusitano Shop.

triple-poster-frame-with-sofa-mockup-cheval-HD copyStay posted.

Credits – Editorial Teresa Burton

Images Christophe Taniere  See his website

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