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Where Horses Coach Humans

Lusitanos Make Great Coaches   A refuge for all the senses – this is the margravial hunting lodge Falkenhaus. Built in 1722, this elegant building is affectionately known as “the Falcon Hood”.  With its recent renovation, the owners Eva and Randolph Klautke have created one of the most beautiful retreats offering well-being for people and […]

We Love all Things Heritage, Classic, Timeless Style

Cool, classic & not afraid of statement elegance By Teresa Burton Aisling Equestrian Clothing is an exciting Stockholm brand inspired into reality by a dynamic duo Charlotte Treschow and Johanna Bodin.  These two creative women were looking to bring vintage style into modern equestrian clothing and seeing their latest collection they really are hitting the […]

Mottled Horses by Iwona Jankowski

American Contemporary Art – Mottled Horses by Iwona Jankowski We were introduced to the beautiful work of Iwona by Claudia a dear friend and client that had some beautiful portraits painted of her Lusitano horses.  The work is stunning, perfectly capturing the characters of each horse. The eyes in particular reflect the very depth of […]

Getting the Best out of the Equine Pre Purchase Exam

The Pre Purchase Exam By Teresa Burton Lusitano Heritage and Lusitano Horse Finder Thoughts, Tips and Recommendations for the buyer and seller It is a big step searching for and buying a horse in another country: especially if It is your first time. The whole journey can be very emotional right from the moment you […]

CBD oil for horses: what do you need to know

CBD for Horses by Cecilia Leal Nowadays, products based on Cannabis plant are becoming a popular trend, especially for human medical use. However, what do we know about its use in pets, more specifically, in horses? The first thing to note on this subject is that there is common misunderstanding between the terms cannabis, marijuana, […]

The Art of Balance

THE ART OF BALANCE by Therese Stub Alhaug One of the happiest faces at the 2022 Tokyo Olympics probably came from the Portuguese dressage rider Rodrigo Moura Torres riding the 11-year-old grey Lusitano stallion Fogoso Campline. The duo were able to deliver their dream performances and 3 personal best scores in the most important sports stage in the […]

Laura Gosch – One to Watch!

Beautiful, Talented & Determined – Laura Gosch Recently we had the wonderful opportunity to be present at the opening of Goncalo and Nara´s new equestrian facility. It was a busy but beautiful day in so many ways. Working alongside them is Laura Gosch, a talented and focussed woman who has boldy gone in the direction […]

Equestrian Designer has Heritage at Heart

Equestrian fashion designer Silvia Teixeira considers sustainability is one of her top priorities. On looking into how she can apply it to her work she realised that inadvertently part of her work is already made in a sustainable way! Text Teresa Burton. Photo Lena Saugen Silvia’s passion for horses started at a very young age. […]