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Shinning Bright – Portuguese Dressage Riders make history for Tokyo 2020

Shinning Bright Under the Alentejo Skies – Portuguese Dressage Riders make history for Tokyo 2020 In 2019 four riders with their ‘Chef d’Equipe’ Daniel Pinto took Portugal to the next level in International Dressage. They won a team place in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Although it is not the first time Portugal has competed, with […]

Youngest Pair to Qualify Portugal for a Team Entry in th Tokyo Olympics

João Torrão riding Lusitano Stallion Equador bred by Coudelaria do Monte Velho At Monte Velho a stunning stud farm and luxury riding holiday centre in the Alentejo you will find João Torrão on Equador MVL. Just 25 years old João is the youngest rider to qualify the team his horse Equador is only 10 years. […]

First European Certified EuroFarrier in Portugal

  Image – Nuno Bernardes First Farrier in Portugal with the European Certified EuroFarrier Qualification This qualificated is issued by the European Federation of Farriers Association. There is an old saying among horsemen, “No foot, No horse.” Despite their size and strength, horses are notoriously fragile animals. Four slender legs and small hooves must bear […]

Lusitanos Teach Corporate Leadership

Management consultant Margit Dellian in Germany explained to me why the noble, sensitive, beautiful and highly intelligent horses from Portugal are particularly well suited as executive coaches. She created and founded http://www.equi-com.de/ management seminars with horses. Margit works almost exclusively with Iberian horses, including three handsome stallions. I’ve been excited to do this interview with […]