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Horse Insurance in Portugal

At Lusitano Horse Finder we are always looking to improve our service and provide you with extra ´peace of mind´recently we have been exploring different Insurance options for your Lusitano in Portugal in addition other services that can give you added value and finger tip information all stored in one pass coded secure personalised location […]

Lusitano Journey with Equitação

We are delighted to have formed a relationship with Equitação magazine to bring to you their super new project for the Lusitano! If you are wondering about Equitação it is an equestrian magazine in Portugal that covers the news and information largely on the Lusitano breed and equestrian activities and sport in Portugal.  Written in […]

Horses trained with Nuno Cavaco

Nuno Cavaco is beginning to become more and more popular and Internationally known for his classical teaching and riding.  Having been in the Portuguese School of Equestrian Arte for 25 years he has now branched out on his own and is offering various quality services for you and your horse.  We consider him to me […]

Not to be Missed Equilife World

  I am so excited about the up and coming launch of Equilife World.  It is a modern and stylish magazine aimed at horse lovers, riders around the globe. I think this magazine, inspired by Therese Alhaug is offering a new dynamic approach to the equestrian world.  Packed with inspiring articles – riders, breeders,   […]

The Finest Hand Made Saddlery

We are very proud and excited to get to know and now be working with, Jose de Sousa and his lovely wife Cristina Sousa. They have a remarkable family history, in crafting the finest hand made saddlery in Portugal. Their history dates back to before the twenties, when Jose’s grandfather Victorino de Sousa Mendes, ‘already […]

A journey to Coudelaria VILA VIÇOSA

Coudelaria VILA VIÇOSA, breeders of the PURO SANGUE LUSITANO – Where Wild Horses Naturally Meet Modern Day It is always a wonderful treat to visit the source, the place where it all begins, the Coudelaria’s (stud farms) in Portugal, where the Puro Sangue Lusitanos are bred and reared. None more special than the Coudelaria Vila […]