APSL – Portuguese Pure Bred Lusitano Breed Association

Lusitano Horse Finder are proud to have approval of the Associação Portuguesa de Criadores do Cavalo Puro Sangue Lusitano (APSL) and have their logo and support on our website.

The Associação Portuguesa de Criadores do Cavalo Puro Sangue Lusitano

(Portuguese Lusitano Breed Association) is an excellent organisation for the Lusitano.

It is the register for pure bred Lusitanos.

The APSL are the statutory body of the Lusitano Breed in Portugal. They are a very important and integral part of the Lusitano Breeding, Registering, Grading, Events and more. The Lusitano Studbook is held by the APSL, but other countries have sister associations, which work directly with the APSL.

A list of all the sister associations can be found on their website in addition they have a list of all the APSL members and breeders. The breeders catalogue, can also be downloaded from their website, alternatively, you can buy the catalogue direct from the APSL, or scroll down the list of breeders, which shows their names, pictures of their brands and location of their studs. Their website also offers public access to the Studbook programme, so you can enter a horses name, and see the current owner, the breeder, bloodlines and offspring of that particular horse.

The APSL processes all paperwork relating to the Lusitano, from Registering Births, to Changing Ownership or Approving your Mare or Stallion.

Downloadable Documents

Their website is easy to use and has forms to download, to make it much easier to access. When Buying, Breeding or Registering a Lusitano, its important that the correct paperwork is obtained, most relevant forms can be found on their website, they include:-

  • Registration of Births
  • Change of Ownership form
  • Application for Inspection by the Stud Book Committee
  • Proposing Members
  • Outline Diagram
  • Statement of Reduction in Breeding Stock
  • Covering Certificate

When Buying a Lusitano, you should fill out a change of ownership form, downloadable from the website, or from your sister association, some sellers or breeders may keep copies of this form. The form can be in English or Portuguese and must be filled out by each party – The buyer and the seller. Once this form is complete, it has to be sent to the association of the Country of the new owner, each sister association will charge a small fee for this procedure and they will deal with the changeover. The new owner will receive proof of ownership papers after the ownership has been changed.

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