Victorino Saddlery is the BEST!

There is no doubt in our minds that the Entirely handmade saddlery by Jose and Cristina at Victorino is ‘SECOND TO NONE’  we receive every week amazing comments and feedback about it’s quality and beauty.  This latest message from the USA says it all

portuguese stirrup Hi Teresa
I received the second saddle today, and have ridden quite a bit in the dressage saddle already.  It fits me and it fits the horses.  The dressage saddle is so beautiful and it feels like a tailored pair of italian shoes!!!  Jose and his wife make stunning saddles.  Both saddles (and bridles) are far better than I could have imagined.  I have ridden in Albion, Hermes, Crosby, Stubben, Passier, Kiefer, Jaguar, Frank Baines, Balance, County, and others.  This Victorino saddle feels a lot different.  I am surprised how much better I can feel the horse and it stays in one place, doesn’t rock back and forth or go from side to side. My seat also feels very stable. What a wonderful feel……

Vera was here,from Anja Beran’s,and rode in the dressage saddle.  She really liked it and said all was correct with the seat and leg position.

Please send my appreciation to Jose and his wife for QUALITY and WORKMANSHIP.  It makes a difference.
thank you to you for coordinating and communicating.
I hope to schedule a trip to Portugal in the fall and meet you and everyone else.
Theresa Booher

Jose de SousaIf you decide to treat yourself to something made by Victorino you will not be disappointed the style, the beauty, the leather quality and the stitching is unmatched.  I will say you will sometimes have to wait quite a long time for your items as they have so many orders to full fill and literally very step of the making is by hand.  This takes time and they are not getting any younger.

Image Jose de Sousa by Lena Saugen

Read about Jose and Cristina

But this is an investment of a lifetime – soon handmade items like this will be a thing of the past and only found as collectors items.  I urge you to treat yourself :-). 

Have a look at their stunning pieces in the shop and if you need something especially designed we can do this too.  Even make copies of truly vintage pieces.   Visit Shop

Text – Teresa Burton Images by Lena Saugen


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