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Untitled 19Sergio and Vanessa are working with us at Lusitano Horse Finder in our ‘Road to Excellence Programme

Having you horse in training with us at ‘Sergio Martin Dressage’  gives you a ‘personal online profile’ for your horse. Everything that goes on with your horse will be easily accessible with monthly updates – videos photos, shoeing, vet, training programme etc. 

Giving you ‘peace of mind’ – Open contact and view to how your horse is progressing so important if you are unable to be there.

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Sergio Martin and Vanessa Borges are the dynamic couple that have created and developed ‘Sergio Martin Dressage’.  They are two people with true dedication, vision and commitment to always looking to improve and do the very best they can for their horses and clients.

They started together in North Portugal, in 2012 they were offer an opportunity to take on the management of Arauzo Stud close to Salamanca Spain.  They jumped at the opportunity and it’s proving to be an excellent move for them.

The farm provides them with the perfect environment, facilities and space to grow their business in the way they dreamed and offer clients the best care for their horses when they are in training with them. Now they have added into their portfolio horse breeding. The stud has been breeding Pure Bred Spanish Horses for many years in a for hobby way. Now with Sergio and Vanessa’s directorship they are crossing the PRE mares with high level Dressage Lusitanos. We are looking forward to seeing the results.

HORSE TRAINING – Their main focus is preparing horses for dressage competition at all levels, competing horses, stallion approval and starting horses.  They have regular training with outside trainers to ensure they maintain their quality standards.

The yard offers – one full size in door arena, two full out door arenas, large cool airy stables, paddocks, horse walker, spacious tack room, reception room, bathroom and kitchen.  Ample opportunities to ride out around the farm.

There is also super accommodation en site in the main manor house with extremely well appointed en suite bedrooms.  Also 10 minutes away there is a modern hotel in a small town.  The stunning historic  city of Salamanca is 25 minutes away and well worth spending some time exploring and enjoying the numerous restaurants.

We very much like Sergio and Vanessa friendly attitude, they take their work seriously, are extremely professional ensuring the horses have to up most care and attention.  They run a tight ship – everything is immaculately kept, routines maintained, awareness to feeding and well being is priority.

The dressage training is largely done by Sergio, Vanessa rides the young horses they have balanced training programmes to ensure the horses develop holistically.

Their success has meant they are receiving high quality Lusitano and Spanish horses in for training and they often have a waiting list.

Sergio’s Experience –

Sergio has trained with Camilo Borges and  Daniel Pinto in Portugal, Carlos Pinto in France, Martina Hannover, Jan Bemelmans and Rafael Soto. He has won 7 dressage championships in Portugal. Championship in Spain 1999, 4 championships in Castilla y León, 3rd in the International Competition in Saumur in 2000, 2nd in the International competition in Lisbon in 2005.

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