Learning Classical Dressage with Nuno Cavaco

Nuno CavacoNuno Cavaco Equestrian Director in Lusitano Horse Finder

Nuno is a highly experienced classical rider and teacher who has been in the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art for 25 years. He is a kind, sensitive man with a good sense of fun.  He brings these qualities to his teaching and has a great deal to offer you in helping advance your riding skills and develop a greater partnership with your horse.

During his time at the Riding School Nuno traveled extensively throughout Europe giving shows and displays.  He has gained huge experience in riding many different horses. An added bonus is that Nuno’s equine knowledge extends to veterinary and during the shows he was responsible, along side the main vet for the care and well being of the horses.  Of course this extra knowledge really adds value to his training methods and awareness when working with horses.


At our Equestrian Yard in Portugal  We provide Classical Dressage Lessons on quality trained Lusitanos

Your Options are –

  • Individual Classical Dressage Lessons – contact us to book a lesson
  • In hand lessons
  • Courses combining just riding or in hand and riding
  • Holidays  – We are happy to arrange accommodation for you and your friends and family.  The area is wonderful for riders and non riders with plenty to see and do.


All lessons are with Nuno – here is what one of our clients said –

“I am returning to riding horses after a break of many many years. I went to Portugal for some lessons from a super highly trained classical dressage rider Nuno Cavaco at Lusitano Horse Finder Patio in Quinta da Marinha Cascais.Teresa and Nuno organised for me to have lessons in the world class arena on a beautiful and classically trained Lusitano stallion called Alentejo. Nuno put me at ease straight away, so I didn’t feel out of place for my lack of experience and relative novice status.

tessaWe worked on walk, trot and canter transitions and he found ways to discuss aids and seat that meant I could easily understand and put into practice his suggestions.

He took care to explain how the changes we were making would affect the horse and my riding. He had an eye for the smallest details and communicated his insights clearly so I could refine my own understanding and position. It is clear Nuno has a huge amount of experience and knowledge and I felt he was totally empathetic to a relative novice rider. His compassion and love of horses was also clear. I felt totally spoiled and thoroughly indulged to have this time to work carefully and calmly on improving my contact and my seat. Alentejo was responsive and wonderful to ride.

I found that I had to pinch myself to realise I wasn’t dreaming – and that I was riding in this arena, with an incredible horse and a brilliant gem of an instructor. I found Nuno to be a kind, professional and considerate teacher who was extremely polite and friendly with a lovely sense of humour too. I felt the things I have learned will help me enormously in my riding back home”.

Tess Moore  UK

He is a Director in Lusitano Horse Finder is based in Portugal but also travels in Europe giving dressage clinics to all levels of riders and horses. He is used to working with all breeds of horses and enjoys new challenges. His lessons are both in hand and ridden. His clinics are always full and he is always invited back.

Facilities include –   GO TO LUSITANO HORSE FINDER TRAINING SERVICES  for more information

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    Your satisfaction and your horse’s happiness are paramount to Nuno’s working philosophy he will only take on a few horses at a time in order to ensure that he rides and develops your horse to what you want – dressage training, fine tuning, solving some problems, reaching the next level.

    Whatever it is you want from purely a fun leisure to a competition horse, he seeks to achieve.

    We want to give you and your horse a top quality service and experience!

    Images by Lena Saugen

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