Big exciting changes and developments in Lusitano Horse Finder!!

After 6 years in business Lusitano Horse Finder has evolved in so many ways and the business grown hugely that now I am excited to announce several important developments that I am so delighted about –



Nuno Cavaco  I am over the moon to say Nuno Cavaco has become a Director in the company, taking up a major position in the business.  We are looking to grow the rider and horse training aspect to the business both in Portugal and through clinics. With Nuno’s brilliant insight, sensitivity, vision and his huge talent in riding and teaching coupled with his fabulous career training we are able to take the business to new heights.

Now we are offering quality programmes for training horses in Portugal that are developed with a more holistic approach with modern –
Feeding regimes, top farriers, vets, physio, online profile for your horses with all information up dated monthly.
All horses are personally trained by Nuno.nuno black and white

Our services are designed to give you ‘peace of mind’ even if you cannot visit very often and ensure your horse is happy in a balance training programme that matches your requirements. We will ensure you are always kept up to date with open honest communication, photos, videos and even live steaming to see your horse working in real time.

In addition we can provide –
Classical dressage lessons in Portugal on school master Lusitanos, on your own horse,
International clinics
Help and advice in choosing your Lusitano
Investment programmes – buying and training a Lusitano for competition or re selling.

International clinics and also help and advice in choosing your Lusitano.

To contact Nuno Cavaco –


Pedro MatosWith the way that the marketplace for Lusitanos is changing we felt it was time to offer more dynamic and modern packages both the sellers, breeders and buyers of Lusitanos.  I have been looking for a long time for the right person and one day along came Pedro Matos!

Pedro is full of energy, passion and enthusiasm for Lusitanos, Lusitano breeding and making a difference in the World.  What better person to take on the role of Sale Director.
We have designed super new packages for Lusitano Breeders and Trainers that provide you with a greater more professional International market presence on our leading websites.

More on this will be posted this week along with a 2 page interview in the latest addition of Equitação Magazine.

To contact Pedro Matos email