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Untitled 19Our Latest Innovative Horse Care Management Programme is Designed To Give you ‘Peace of Mind’.  This package is the first of it’s kind and it is developed to help ensure everyone is working together to be the very best and give you the very best we can.

Many people when they purchase their Lusitano horse would like to consider leaving him for further  training, to be castrated or simply started for ridden work in Portugal or in Spain.

It certainly is a very viable option to consider having your horse trained further in Portugal both in terms of cost and quality.  However it is not easy to know the best places to choose, where you will get the service, communication and ‘peace of mind’  and back up services you require.

We do however fully understand how nervous it may make you having your horse so far away, in another country that operates differently to your own and with a different language.

Every year we have placed many horses into ongoing training and as a result understood a lot about what our clients really want for their horses.


With the support of experts we have developed an innovative service that give you and your horse “Top Quality’ on going support.
Lusitano Horse Finder’s team of experts have been brought together to provide a variety of quality  professional services.


Trainers/riders committed to work horses in a sensitive quality way and are committed to their own ongoing development.

Yards that have good quality clean stables, washing and grooming areas, feeding programmes, training surfaces, paddocks, training for you.

*  Accommodation on site or close by so you can stay.
*  Veterinarians
*  Farriers – including hoof x-rays to ensure your horse is receiving best possible shoeing
*  Nutritionists
*  Horse Therapists – massage, horse physio and acupuncture
*  Saddle Fitting
*  Equine Dentist
*  Bridle fitting – Tack makers
*  Bitting Advice

Zagal working in hand with Nuno

Image – Zagal, Lusitano Gelding in training with Nuno Cavaco at Lusitano Horse Finder  by Bruno Barata


This is an independent service handles entirely by Lusitano Horse Finder and all the information is gathered by us. Our expert providers are committed to ‘top quality support’

  • Regular visits to your horse to see all is going well, take photos and video in order to keep you regularly update
  • We deliver anything required such as stable rugs, tack etc.
  • Book vets, equine therapists etc if required.
  • Live skype appointments with you to show your horse working in real time.

The Online Product

The service can simply be an online profile that homes all the information on your horse with weekly/monthly updates which is sent to us by the trainer/training yard manager.


A more involved approach where we manage and update the profiles by making regular visits.  With this approach our aim to help your trainer manage all the information on your horse.

This product is automatically provided at the Lusitano Horse Finder Classical Centre and all owners with horses in training with us have their personal pass-coded online horse profile which we update monthly.

charlotteThe online horse profile is a fantastic tool to keep up to date with your horse´s progress.  It houses all the important information such as farrier reports, vet reports, current nutrition plans, training status, photographs and training video updates. 

It can be so hard living in a different country to where your horse is in training, so this tool is extremely helpful to see how your horse is progressing.

It´s also very nice having all the information in one place rather than being sent updates via email and not having a good storage system.

This way it is easier to follow your horse´s development by comparing previous with current status.

Testimonial from Charlotte Irps – Switzerland  Image Charlotte & Garboso by Bruno Barata


You will be allocated an online private file for each horse – this file will have your personal access code which you can access anytime in order that you can see your horse information and updates anytime. You will be messaged every time the file is up dated.

Once you take your horse home we can continue to offer you ongoing services such as online training via video and skype or organise the trainer to come and give clinics in your establishment.

The cost of these programmes does depend on what is required – the package to includes our regular visits, the videos, photos, online up dates and live skype training, booking appointments such as dentist, farrier, saddle fitter etc.

Contact us to see an EXAMPLE PROFILE

Please contact us directly to find out more and receive a package quote.

OUR HORSE CARE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME is designed to give you peace of mind while your horse is in training in another country or away from you.

Adding Value to your Investment Horse

Keeping a health and training profile for your horses  adds huge value and confidence to potential buyers and support you when selling your horse giving you a very professional image.  It can add as a great support to the vet exam in that there is a recorded medical record.

OUR TEAM – Training and Livery

What we look for in the trainers and yards we choose  –

  • Individual attention for you and your horse.
  • The trainer we recommend is the main rider and trainer of your horse
  • The horses are in a happy relaxed environment
  • What you see is what you get and more
  • Horses are assessed and worked according to their needs in terms of work, food and care
  • Clean, organised, happy and open environment
  • Commitment to improvement and openness to change
  • Balanced training and relaxation programmes with school ridden work, in hand work, hacking, maybe loose jumping and time off in freedom
  • Fair competitive prices

We have especially selected yards in Portugal, Spain and the UK.  However please understand that if you choice a different yard we can still offer you our services as long as the establishment you have selected is happy to comply with the programme we offer.


Find out more about our own yard and services at Nuno Cavaco Classical Dressage Training

This product is automatically provided at the Lusitano Horse Finder Classical Centre and all owners with horses in training with us have their personal pass-coded online horse profile which we update monthly.

image 12 Nuno and Acarus copy

HORSE Insurance Health Care, Accident & Life

When you are buying a horse in another country and then leaving him there for training it is only natural that you would have concerns. Wondering how he is, is he  happy, working well and if something happens can you be covered by insurance. There are very few professional organisations that offer good quality insurance plans at competitive prices for horses. After much research we are happy to say we have formed a union with a company that provides exactly what you need for ´peace of mind´service.

They are a worldwide leader for sport horse Insurance, and approved cover holder at Lloyd’s of London.
They have been insuring horses all around the world for more than 30 years, and also have their own international breeding and showjumping competition stable.

Since they are in the horse field it has definitively helped them to fulfil the expectations of us horse owners, breeders and riders.  We believe they provide the best insurance coverage on the market. All the time your horse in away in another country and even back at your home your horse can be completely covered. 

If you would like to know more and see some sample policies and quotes please do get in touch it is a ´no commitment´ contact.  Feel free to Email Teresa.