Hidden Portugal

Portugal is rich in history and it’s a country which still values and preserves it’s traditions right up to this day. These traditions are intrinsically woven into all aspects of the Portuguese culture.  It would also be fair to say that throughout the ages Lusitanos have played large part in the historical development both as working animals that helped win battles to giving classical performances and being the favored mounts of Royalty.

Living and working in Portugal I’m constantly reminded of the cultural richness, it never ceases to captivate me.  There are so many faces to the Lusitano Horse – from the modern sport horse in the world of National and International competitions such as Dressage, Working Equitation, Carriage driving, to the classical horse and the work horse still working alongside man – farmers and fishermen among other things. Today many traditional working methods that through the centuries have stood the test of time barely changing are still in active use.  I’m very keen to give you a little peek into these amazing worlds – the art, the skills, the relationships – how man and horse work so successfully together.

Yesterday, Lena Saugen and I spend a fun and fascinating time with the Campinos (Portuguese Cowboys) at Companhia das Lezírias. We were there to learn more about their life their work and to watch them manage the cattle from the backs of their Lusitanos.  It proved to be a totally enthralling experience. We were stunned by the seamless teamwork between men and horses.  The harmony, mindful and calmness in their jobs where few words were spoken and yet every man and horse knew exactly what to do and when.

It’s truly the roots of the increasingly popular sport   Working Equitation.


Shortly I will be posting a full article all about our day and the history of the Portuguese Campinos. I sincerely hope that you will find it just as fascinating.

This is a first in a series of fabulous articles we’ve planned to reveal more of Portuguese Traditions and how the Lusitano plays such an important part.

Can’t wait xx