Golegã is close! Meet us, see our new Projects!

Golegã horse fair is only two weeks away many will be busy making plans preparing horses, polishing tack, clothing, sorting their casetas and stands. It’s a time of year with an Autumnal smell in the air and light buzz of anticipation bounces on the breeze and whirls in the wind. Golegã captured the imaginations of everyone that visits.. It’s a complex mix of everything Portugal at both extremes.

Take a tour around the fair here – Golegã a National Treasure

Lusitano Horse Finder team will be present and have many new and improved parts to our business to show.  Our International status is bringing a huge amount of media coverage in magazines all over the Globe and also our contract with the FEI to produce two articles per month is proving to be a huge success.

Looking for your dream a Lusitano to buy – 

We can help and have many horses and contacts at Golega both in fair and at the farms.

Contact us to tell us what you are looking for and we can plan with you some horses to see and try at Golega.  Email Hanna Larsson

International Marketing Programmes for Lusitano Breeders

Breeders International Marketing Programmes – We have some very exciting news to announce with regard to achievements of these programmes and the International SEO status breeders are already achieved.  The statisical results don’t lie we will shortly be showing what good optimisation can bring you.

Learn more about this at our introduction page in Portuguese and in English

Contact Pedro Matos

UntitledCoudelaria Miguel Felix da Costa

Delighted to have the opportunity to work with Coudelaria Miguel Felix da Costa a long established breeder of sportive pure Lusitanos.  We are now working on an International marketing programmes with them which will be launched in Golegã.  You are all invited to visit the caseta and meet the 5 stunning Lusitanos they will be bringing.

More about these shortly.

Image by Bruno Barata