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Since the launch of this new website in January our feet have barely touched to ground. I sincerely thank everyone for the continued and outstanding feedback plus all the exciting new ideas and offers coming to us.

I love to meet new people especially from all corners of the Globe. There is always something new to learn and laughs to share. Certainly having this business brings continuous opportunities for new friendship.

When it comes to Lusitano horse finding it’s a total joy when perfect matches are made.  However, I do firmly believe it should not be just about the end result – that’s important of course!

But the journey to get there should be fun too! Learning a few news things, discovering new places and having new experiences.  We try as much as possible to ensure the road to finding your new horse is an adventure.  So what a great pleasure it is to have conformation we are succeeding.  When people are motivated to write me their feedback I am over the moon .  Thought it would be nice to share some examples from recent clients……. now new  friends.

Teresa introduced us to super breeders and all the horses were exactly as described which meant that all our visits and miles of driving were a pleasure, an education and most worthwhile because we had such fun finding the correct and beautiful horse for us. Her knowledge and contacts is priceless. She even recommended the strictest Veterinary Surgeon to conduct the pre purchase examination and he worked with our Vet to determine the result. A big thank you Teresa for all your help.
Anthony and Janet Hackett-Thomson.
guizo 22 copyAfter quite a time traveling with Teresa Burton to many different yards and breeders, we finally took the road to visit the stud of Michaela and Thomas Kleba in Vila Viçosa. The presented us some horses. When An Gola entered the arena, after a few steps and strides of the horse, we both showed the same smile on our faces, we looked each other and we knew: this is the horse we were looking for. I immediately decided to buy him, even although he is not as big as I would like him to be.
The horse arrived directly from the fields to start his new life in the dressage world. He very quickly learnt the first steps on the  lunge and adapted easily to working in hand. He is making fast and big progress.  I find he is extremely attentive to all I ask him to do in a very low voice. His gaits are developing and his trot is now comparing to the best of modern sport warmbloods.
Anton Walliser
Anton, is in fact, a very talented and gifted classical master now living in Portugal.  I am delighted that I have an interview with him coming onto this website in 10 days. He talks about his work and his philosophy for training horses to Grand Prix.
eyeWhen looking for your dream Lusitano horse it can be quite a task – As I said earlier it should be a happy experience.  Sometimes we’re lucky finding our perfect horse in the first one we see,  but for most it takes longer. I’ve written a page on the website which you may find useful see Finding your Lusitano.
Also why not ensure you embrace the opportunity while here to discover a bit more about Portugal the history, traditions, the foods and wines can be such fun too. After all Lusitanos are such strong part of Portuguese History, culture and tradition. They, in fact helped shape Portugal’s history.
Sandra Oostrom is passionate about exploring Portugal, she will have a blog on our one Weddings and Events website very soon with all sorts of discoveries and things to try.
We will be including some of this on this site to so have a look at Alex in LusoLand for great tips and suggestions.
Did you know many breeders produce high quality wines, meats, olives, olive oil, cork, cheeses!  We’re now working on a project to introduce you to more about other fabulous products our breeders have. Stay posted for Sandra’s first review  on the delicious wines of Monte Barrao.
quinta do brejo  copyHow about considering staying at Quinta do Brejo former home of Nuno Oliveira. Steeped in modern history, the iconic picardeiro and charming bedroom suites will propel you into the classical tones of Portugal. You can even have dressage lessons with Rodrigo Matos while you are there!
There will always be some quality horses en site available to buy  Have a look at our page .
Evenings can be enjoyed eating and drinking with friends, having a lesson, visit to Ericeira or dining in the Late Nuno Oliveira’s favorite restaurant. Message me for more details Teresa
News on the horses for lessons and for sale coming up shortly.
COMING SOON – Luke’s article and interviews on fitting Iberian for saddles is coming on well and should be up shortly.
We’re very excited about our newly designed fabulous range of traditional tack inspired Dogs collars coming online in the shop made by Victorino.  This Collection is gorgeous will make your pooch very cool indeed!. Will keep you posted.









I am always delighted to receive your comments and feedback please feel free to get in touch anytime. email me

Once again wishing everyone my deepest thanks and best wishes.

Teresa x