Lusitanos in Classical Dressage & Art


This special course takes you on a journey over a long weekend – Designed to stimulate the senses of feel, sight and hearing within experimental learning. The weekend gives you a greater understanding and awareness of classical dressage and the details of some of the movements such as the ‘Piaffe’ by working them ‘in hand’, ridden and through studying the locomotion through drawing and painting. It will help you to really understand the movements.

Dates Available for 2017

  • April  –  arrive 7th & depart 10th
  • June  – arrive 23rd & depart 26th
  • October  – arrive 13th & depart 16th


These exclusive clinics are designed to be with small groups never more than 4 actual participants. We prefer to keep it small in order to ensure you can maximise your learning experience and opportunities to discuss the work. Each participant will have individual time during 5 one hour lessons ridden and ‘in hand’ work.  Between lessons you will be working with Beatrice exploring the conformation and movements through drawing and painting.


The programme covers – 2 lessons per day with Nuno and art lessons with Beatrice.  You will finish the course with a highlights video of your lessons, your artwork and a drawing by Beatrice.

The Horses – You will be training with Lusitanos and other Iberian breeds.


The accommodation is in quality two bedroom bungalows close to Quinta da Marinha  all featuring a small terrace, a kitchenette and a bathroom. The units also come with a cable TV and free WiFi.  Breakfast is delivered in mornings and lunch is in the Picardeiro Restaurant in Quinta da Marinha.

There is also a swimming pool in use through summer months.

If you would prefer a different type of accommodation we can select a hotel for you up to 5 star.  Please let us know your preference. (this of course affects the overall clinic price)

Dinner is at your discretion – Cascais and Guincho beach are full of fabulous places to eat at all price levels.

Plan –


  • Friday in morning picked up from airport, arrive at accommodation.
  • Lunch together at Quinta da Marinha with introduction to weekend.
  • Afternoon – First dressage lessons
  • Art of the Lusitanos introduction with Beatrice
  • Evening – Demonstration working with Long Reins Classical Style.
  • Dinner


  • Morning Dressage Lessons
  • Art Lessons with Beatrice
  • Lunch in Quinta da Marinha
  • Art Lessons with Beatrice
  • Afternoon Dressage Lessons
  • Dinner


  • Morning In Hand Lessons
  • Art with Beatrice
  • Lunch in Quinta da Marinha
  • Afternoon Ridden Lessons
  • Art with Beatrice
  • Dinner

Monday Morning Depart to Airport.

Price per person is 1380 euros per person inclusive all lessons, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and airport transfers.

Payment is required in full before the event.  Payments can be made via bank transfer or paypal.

Dates Available for 2017

  • April  –  arrive 7th & depart 10th
  • June  – arrive 23rd & depart 26th
  • October  – arrive 13th & depart 16th

Exploring Classical Dressage Through Riding & Art

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Ed Hannaford

We Have known of Nuno for many years and had been trying to be able to train with him but circumstances got in the way. Finally we managed to join a clinic organised for him in Somerset. Meeting this quiet man and seeing him work with all the horses was impressive. When he worked with our own horses he was amazing and has transformed totally our way of training. His gentle way, approach and lightness was so obvious to us and the horses, he is a true horseman with a classical approach, he is so polite and soft with the horses they become like putty in his hands. We were over joyed with the experience and look to learn with him regularly. We have already been to Portugal to train with him in both ridden and in hand work it was brilliant.



Ed HannafordUK
Therese Alhaug

What made my lesson with Nuno so special was how he made me develop during the lesson. I finished feeling  a lot more confidence as a rider. His way of teaching was very soft and calm, but still demanding enough regarding what was important to focus on. He made me think about small things that other instructors have not pointed out before. His mix of classical and modern way of thinking gave me a soft approach to dressage – exactly the way I like it.

I will recommend everyone who likes a classical approach to dressage, yet sportive result, to give it a try.

Therese AlhaugEqulife World Magazine Norway

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