Dominique Thoenes Artist

15027782_10154535903520953_2252059858125343926_nKenyan-raised Dominique Thoenes has had a life-long passion for horses. Her mother co-ran and taught at a riding school in the outer suburbs of Nairobi where Dominique spent most of her childhood years.  When she wasn’t riding or helping out at the stable yard she was fueling her other passion- art.  She even jokingly says, ‘I forgot to learn how to read I was so busy drawing.’

After she attained her degree in Fine Arts from the University of Cape Town (1999) she returned to the Pride of Africa (aka Kenya) to start her successful career as a polo player and environmental artist.  She has traveled to all corners of the globe exhibiting her art and playing polo reaching New Zealand, Ethiopia and India on the way. Her extensive travels and interactions with different cultures have always reflected in her art, giving her work a highly dynamic touch.

In 2010 Dominique hung up her polo sticks and in 2012 she moved back to Cape Town where she has focused on three-phase eventing with her warm blood/appaloosa mare, Southcross Andromeda and Rastafarian-bred gelding, Sunshine, more affectionately known as Queen Andromeda and Magnificent Sunshine (left).  She also organizes beach rides on the stunningly beautiful Noordhoek beach (a must do if you visit Cape Town) and she has recently become a bare-foot trimmer especially helping horses in the transition period.

Dominique came to ride with us at Lusitano Horse Finder in July this year. From the moment she arrived, she took the time to meet and interact with all of our horses and she immediately picked up on their quirky characteristics, of which they have plenty. Like a true artist she studied them, photographed them, watched us work and groom them, she listened to our conversations about them and she rode them.  She ended up becoming part of our little family at Lusitano Horse Finder for five days, turning our hay barn into a makeshift studio where she painted a series featuring our Lusitanos in which each cartoon perfectly captures their unique characteristics.