I have already made numerous wanderings around the world and slept or bivouacked in many hotels, but this hotel is really amazing in every aspect.

FINAL-4991_originalGoing there, you need to look for the small and subtle signposts before you arrive at … a closed door. On my first visit I stood there undecided for a while harassed by the sea breeze, I saw people inside, but I couldn’t enter!  Immediately I sensed a private club feeling, although the door lacked a peekaboo – hatch. That private club feeling remains a bit longer as you’ve finally discovered the doorbell between numerous little hearts and the receptionist arrives to let you in.

When you enter – Wow! the serene relaxed atmosphere overtakes you, beautiful, distinctive, a hotel for the happy few who first of all discovered it and then managed to book a room. The hotel is eco- friendly, wooden tree sculptures are scattered all over the place and I think you can sit on them as sofa’s, a small stream is flowing through the hotel, there is even an olive tree standing in the hallway. Furthermore, a lot of concrete, wood, steel, smooth concrete floors and an abundance of chalkboard hearts in various formats they are even for sale with instructions, rules and menus written on.

While your spouse or lover is checking you in, you can take a seat on one of the two swings at the reception … uh just ordinary wooden swings. The receptionist with floral apron will accompany you to your room. It’s fantastic a wow once again inside we discovered a trendy fireplace, an open bathroom with the possibility to close it with a huge concrete door with a pebble wall and a sunken bath . Beautiful artful colour combinations, a little hippy chic. Bathrobes, slippers and straw hats are waiting for you in the room.

FINAL-5208_originalOreias do seixo 4 copy

The expansive whole wall window at the front of the room looks out to the gardens , with sea view, there is a private screened patio with two huge cushions on the floor, the kind of which you can never get up gracefully and a couch with cushions.

We are informed every bedroom suite is decorated differently, stylish and cool.

The hotel has a cozy terrace adored with stylish sculptures. In the evenings a bonfire is lit and drinks are served before dinner. Other facilities (for guests only) include a spa with a gentle Moroccan styled atmosphere ,a cinema room (7th art room) , an outdoor swimming pool, a shop and a vegetable garden where they harvest the vegetables for the restaurant.

There is a kind of meditation gazebo draped with cloths, situated romantically on the water. This idyllic spot is somewhat disturbed though by the smelly water …In 150 meters walking distance there are stunning protected sand dunes and a beautiful yellow beach, you will encounter only a handful of other guests. So it is almost private.

The restaurant is decorated with attention to detail yes, there they are again… the hearts, the crockery and glassware are handmade . There is a possibility to eat vegetarian, further of course all the food is very responsibly organic.  Non- guests are allowed to eat here after booking. When you return after dinner to your room, all candles are lit, there is no television, so you’ need to make the best of it with your partner, I thought I just have to warn you.

Have fun!

Address : Praceta do Atlantico , Mexilhoeira , Povoa the Penafirme
2560-046 A- Dos – Cunhados
website :
Airport: from Lisbon airport it is about 35 minutes by car
Price range : from € 265 per night per double room

CREDITS – Text Sandra Oostrom Photography – Lena Saugen

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