Chat with fashion journalist Catarina Vasques Rito

12038907_10203407116658743_8251347459519074784_oRecently I was very fortunate to be introduced to fashion Journalist Catarina Rito by good friend Rui Oliveira. Rui boldy informed me she was the best fashion journalist in Portugal.
As it happens I had been looking for someone to help us with some projects coming up for magazines and fashion catalogues.

So what better way to find out about Rui’s claims than to put Catarina to the test!  I told her in a days time I had Lena Saugen with me and we had the afternoon free to experiment with some ideas, was she up for it!

No problem at all! Catarina showed us she is not afraid of any challenge, without a moment to waste she organised designer clothing, models and with no idea what to expect she was in our yard ready for action. We spent a most enjoyable few hours exploring how well Lusitanos fit into all areas of life and make outstanding models.
Horses have always played an important part in all kinds of advertising from banks, cars to insurance companies you name it they have appeared.  In fashion magazines you will often see them featured along side models in all kinds of  weird and wonderful settings – urban and rural. The iconic Vogue magazine have always been very keen on equine statements to support and add an extra dynamic to their images and magazine covers, I would go as far as to say they have literally turned horses into ‘fashion statements’. Happily of course we don’t really use our horses this way they are, after all, our partners in life and bring us endless joy.
Certainly these days more and more I am experiencing requests to add gorgeous Lusitanos to images in fashion catalogues, advertising, personal photo shoots, television and films. I’m very keen to ensure Lusitanos are seen everywhere so welcome these opportunities – lets face it they are fast becoming one of the hottest most fashionable breeds to own not just for dressage competition but for leisure riding too. Their noble looks and defined character fits perfectly in this modern time.
Photo -Utterly magical image with Roxane and Everdal Lusitano Stallion
Modelo Roxanne com casaco 3/4 de Christophe Sauvat, calças de ganga modelo ‘Diva’ da Salsa, botins Zilian e óculos de sol Celine

At the end of our afternoon in Quinta da Marinha I asked Catarina a bit about her life.  She told me she did her degree in Journalism in the 90’s but it wasn’t until 2006 she decided to become a journalist. It all started because the newspaper directors she was working for asked her to begin a  fashion column and become a journalist, which she did. She’s never looked back.  She went onto say she has always been fascinated by the fashion world so decided to learn as much about it as possible, by studying every aspect even  fabrics and garment construction so she gained a full understanding of all involved. The journalism work has since led her into fashion productions and styling.

Beginning her career working for the daily newspaper Diário de Noticias she is now a fashion freelancer and she collaborates with magazines such as Noticias Magazine, M My Magazine, Essential Macau Magazine, Global Fashion Magazine (Spain), Volta ao Mundo Magazine, Mais Magazine (Lidl); and other publications as site; Jornal Dica da Semana.

Catarina told me she loves to observe people and she loves to visit all types of art exhibition as art fascinates her.
“I like to see how fashion brands decide and define the next step; how fashion is carried forward and evolves or goes back in time to make the future trends from past trends”.

She went onto tell me that horses fascinate her because of their beauty and power.  “Like fashion, equestrian lifestyle is growing rapidly and it can be larger than life….. the key is to keep it simple and stylish.

Modelo Claudia Brum com vestido e colar de penas de Valentim Quaresma, sapatos Pedro Pedro - tudo à venda na loja ComCor (Lisboa)I asked Catarina to tell me how she thinks Lisbon is placed as a cool holiday destination and how is it for shopping.

Lisbon is obviously a beautiful city, where you can find great entertainment, good food, nice people, cultural events and art exhibitions, and of course the fashion aspect is growing in a way that attracts new people.  I think Lisbon is currently a top destination and a very fashionable city to visit. What’s more our high fashion opportunities can be found in all sorts of styles to suit different people for example visit:

  • Avenida da Liberdade it is the luxury avenue
  • Principe Real is the alternative/conceptual place
  • Bairro Alto/Chiado is the mainstream/urban place to shop. 

Lisbon is so exciting these days it’s really growing  in a very positive way especially in the areas of lifestyle and the arts. We always were very trendy, but afraid to show it. Nowadays we are pleased and proud to show it to the world with less shame of thinking we are lesser than any other culture”.

NB – If you’ve never been to Lisbon you really must add it your must do list, it really is a great place to spend a weekend or longer.

Image – Lusitano Jimmy with model Claudia

Beauty is always present in everyone life. I just help people to find it and to make the best of it. Where to shop; what kind of style or which fashion designer to know.  Between Portuguese fashion and International fashion, Lisbon offers a little bit of everything. Most of all it offers tradition versus contemporary fashion/art/gastronomy/….
I am delighted Catarina will be working with us to offer styling on horsey related photo shoots both for business and for individuals.  She also provides personal shopping services for groups and individuals which can be made available in our ‘special personalised holiday packages’.
If you would like to have a personal photo shoot, be styled by Catarina and pose with a gorgeous Lusitano or two get in touch.
Modelos Claudia Brum  com ‘jumpsuit’ de ganga Maison Scotch no espaço ComCor e modelo Roxanne com conjunto de blusa e saia Primark
Contact – Teresa
Images by Lena Saugen
Styling – Catarina Vasques Rito
Clothing see on each photo caption
Models -Roxane Barokas Nasser and Claudia Brum
Lusitano Horses from Qui Dahlbeck and Kicki Linnell Frazer
Location – Quinta da Marinha Cascais.

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