International Lusitano Festival Highlights

Well the festival is already over!  So much work and energy to get ready, then it’s a whirlwind of activity and in puff of air gone.  Today I am sitting  in our patio office drinking coffee and reflecting on all the fun we had.  We still have the joy of many elegant heads looking over the doors from Coudelaria Vila Viçosa & Coudelaria Fernando Pinho. Just love them…….wondering how can I keep them all!

Many horses staying in the Lusitano Horse Finder patio won prizes –

166Coudelaria Luis Bastos – very deservedly won Best Breeder with many medals and prizes in the show

His stunning filly Jurdanea won Champion female and Champion of Champions.

what’s more –

Presenter Ze Miguel Vinagre won Best Presenter

This photo by Bruno Barata features them all together.


208Luis Bastos 3 year old mare Iris achieved 1st place and a gold medal.

Image by Bruno Barata

Rodrigo Moura Torres on Faisão bred at their stud farm – 451

Coudelaria Torres Vaz Freire won Champion Male.

Image by Bruno Barata





jota by Coudelaria Vila VicosaThis lovely Colt Jota bred by Coudelaria Vila Viçosa owned by Coudelaria Fernando Pinho achieved 2nd place and a silver medal.

Image by Bruno Barata

See more photos of the working equitation and showing here



GOING TO PONTE DE LIMA !  Join us there for glass of wine, chat about Lusitanos, riding holidays, training, Victorino saddlery.  Find us on Coudelaria Vila Viçosa caseta.












The Colourful, the Grand & the Creative with Lusitanos!

Here we are only a couple weeks away from the APSL International Lusitano Festival at Quinta da Marinha in Cascais.  For all of us at Lusitano Horse Finder we have the added pleasure of actually having our patio at Quinta da Marinha now.

We are proud and delighted that we will be hosting many very SPECIAL HORSES in our yard.


On the Friday 17th June in the early evening we will be hosting an event we can’t wait it is going to be great fun, anyway more  on this in next couple of days.  All are welcome.

  • We will be showing our fabulous new projects for – Lusitano breeders
  • Training and livery opportunities for your horse  SEE MORE HERE
  • Classical dressage lessons and holidays – Learning with Nuno Cavaco
  • Riders marketing and PR packages – photo shoot with Maria Caetano The Woman to Watch!!
  • Speciality equestrian holidays
  • Victorino saddlery
  • A fashion photo shoot with top fashion journalist and lovely models & Lusitanos
  • Photo Exhibition 

c1Qzg5INVyikifZMcHL-Mu2uShbE2_6OhvkrwhCy83Vogdz_xJyPjIjxkcPPO23zIZHi1O03Aek=s0-d-e1-ftIf you’ve never been to the festival and would like to know more here is a small introduction

FESTIVAL 16-18 June 2016

These last few weeks have been action packed with many developments –


m and rTHE WOMAN TO WATCH – Maria Caetano is flying high going from strength to strength in her national and international dressage competitions.  She is an absolute joy to spend time with so it was a total pleasure to see her again meet her fabulous horses.  What’s more we had the an added bonus with the opportunity to meet the colourful, charming and charismatic owner of Biso das Lezírias – Rui Oliveira. I will be posting the interview just before the festival and the photo shoot will be part of our exhibition.

Breeder Websites – we are extremely excited to show case our project with an extremely GRAND set of images that will take your breathe away – the whole shoot was such an experience.  See more about the opportunity here or contact us.

Fashion and Lusitanos – just recently we hosted a very ‘last minute’ photo fashion shoot at Quinta da Marinha with a top Fashion Journalist and Stylist – Lena Saugen was our photographer.  I am waiting with total excitement to show the results all in the exhibition!  Image by Lena Saugen


13318509_10209195563266845_2048463690_nSpeciality Equestrian Holidays – We are regularly hosting stunning holidays in Portugal for small groups of 4-6 riders (can be double with non riding partners) the holidays and designed especially for your group and are an experience you will never forget. If you would like to come to Golega with have one group place left for 4 people for details – GET IN TOUCH

Hanna Larsson and Bruno Barata have been out checking out great new holiday locations all will be revealed soon!

Image by Bruno Barata

WOW PARTY – Through our company Lusitano Weddings and Events we have just come down from designing and organising a fabulous birthday party for 80 guests mainly coming from outside Portugal there will be a article about this soon.  It was a spectacular 3 day event packed with beautiful Lusitanos, great shows,  Portuguese wines and cuisine, traditional entertainments and amazing people. If you are dreaming of a party, wedding, holiday in Portugal we can help it come true.


We are so enjoying this life come and join us to be part of it.








Classical Riding Club 21st Anniversary Dressage Event

I am very proud and honored to be invited to be one of the 5 selected presenters at the Classical Riding Club 21st Anniversary Dressage Event in Bedford UK on 30th July this year.  What’s more I am alongside some top people what a great privilege!

  • Colonel Christian Carde – former Chief Instructor of Cadre Noir Saumur France
  • Nuno Cavaco – Rider of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art
  • Sylvia Loch- Accredited Instructor of the Portuguese National Federation
  • Patrick Print OBE – Fellow of the British Horse Society & Director of Horse Scotland
  • Uwe Spenlen – Former FEI Judge and Member of German Judges Association

I think the event will be amazing, definitely worth attending if you can. I cannot wait to get there.  I hope to see many friends and students and meet lots of new people.

If you want to come along I recommend to get in touch quickly so go to

Looking forward to it.

Nuno Cavaco

CRC 21st Annivarsary poster



Spring Time Joys – Luso Babies!

There are many things to talk about since my last post and needless to say they all include glimpses into the World of Lusitanos.

This is a delightful time of year with the new foals born they are enjoying life amongst the Alentejo spring time colours – yellow, purple, blue and even red flowers carpet the rolling hills and wide open plains. The sweetest freshness hangs in the air with a promise of hot dry sultry days on the way….. But right now it’s the perfect temperature warm, with delicate flowers scents on a gentle breeze.  The Lusitano mares munch grass and whisking their tails they occasionally glance at their leggy off spring….. who are tentatively exploring their new world or lying flat out in the sunshine without a care.

I’m never bored walking amongst mares and foals – it’s a humbling experience and one that reminds me how important it is to be tranquil in your life or at the very least give yourself time for moments of calm and peace. The mares simply breathe tranquility in and out and it fills me up. Pressures and worries melt away giving way to the spirituality of moment.


So far this year’s foals are absolutely gorgeous – of course I say this every year and I hope I will be saying it for many more years to come. How can young Lusitanos fail with such perfect natural starts they have in life! – In many studs they are free to roam large stretches of hilly territory where they develop healthy bodies, strong limbs and learn social skills within their herd.  It is as about as close to natural as you can get.

I would encourage all lovers of Lusitanos (or any horses) to experience this at least once in life.  If you would like to join me please feel free to get in touch.  Anything can be arranged.


I’m excited with my latest appointment to write for a magazine – although I have already written articles for magazines it is the first time I’ve been officially appointed. My appointment is for a top class, stylish Equine/Equine Lifestyle magazine founded in Norway called Equilife which has  until now been published in Norwegian. However, as a result of numerous requests and worldwide interest is expanding to the International Market and will be in English.  They are known for their top class articles that really focus on horse people, their horses, lives, sport and lifestyle. The magazine is in high quality paper and print with stylish, original photography.

I think it’s a GREAT opportunity for Portugal and the Lusitanos to have a regular place in this cutting edge, modern magazine! I’m so excited to get started

I’m on the look out for good stories and interviews so if you feel you have one special one get in touchTERESA

Keep posted for the first addition being launched this summer and have a look at their link EQUILIFE.


 INTERVIEWS – João Pedro Rodrigues 

I absolutely love to do interviews with inspiring successful people.They always motivate and inspire me.

My latest will be online very soon and you will not be disappointed. I found  João Pedro Rodrigues the Head of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Arte and successful breeder of Lusitanos to be hugely funny, warm, enlightening and thoroughly interesting.

He simply oozes energy and zest for life – in fact it’s quite hard to capture him for enough time to learn just a little of his life and tap into his wide scope of knowledge.

Lena Saugen came along to take photographs we had so much fun meeting his own breed Lusitanos.

I can’t wait to publish this interview stay posted to enjoy it for yourself.



We launched our facebook page for The Lusitano Shop at the beginning of April and are really pleased with the positive response.

Please do like us there as we have lots of exciting new products coming up very soon. LIKE US AT THE LUSITANO SHOP.

I just love individual pieces, items made with love and care that will stay with you forever, real treasures. Our aim in the shop is to offer specialist handmade, creative and individual products by Artists,artisans and the products are not easily obtained anywhere else or are especially created for us.

Feedback and suggestions always welcome and if you have or know a special product do get in touch we would love to see it. EMAIL US

Amazing response to THE GORGEOUS OLIVEIRA CHIC HANDMADE BRIDLE  – This bridle is proving to be a hit and even magazines are looking to feature it- People love it because  it’s classy and a super cool move away from BLING ……..we think it is the new look for a the modern rider. Up until the end of April you can buy it with 40 euros discount as the promotional offer.

The find out more go to OLIVEIRA CHIC

NEW THINGS – Fabulous Hats,  belts and boots are on the way and a few surprises so keep posted.


sport coltLOOKING FOR A TOP SPORT LUSITANO! – I am over the moon with the quality of young sport Lusitanos coming on the market both pure bred and crossbred.  Currently we have a good number of exciting young horses on the books message us for more details. I firmly believe Lusitanos are going to play a major part in the future of International Dressage Competition and also Working Equitation is on a massive increase all over the world.

Having supplied many good quality Lusitanos for competition and in response to so many questions we  have some super articles and interviews coming up in May all about Lusitanos in Sport, breeding and cross breeding Lusitanos.  I think you will find them very interesting and helpful in selecting your perfect performance horse.

In addition we have dynamic project in the making as another way to sponsor and promote the SPORT LUSITANO.

Please send a message if you are looking for a potential star. Contact me



If you want to sell your Lusitanos I invite you to get in touch we have a number of ways we can help to promote your horse. I am also pleased to announce that we have formed a link with Lusitano Portal in order to offer you more options. Lusitano Portal have many interesting articles and information on their website in addition to the Lusitano Market Portal for selling your horses.

Have a read here at  Selling Your Lusitano with us I hope this article gives you more ideas and confidence.


Thank you all for taking the time read my blog, I am always open to talk, hear ideas and receive feedback. I truly love to hear from my readers, always interested in great stories, interesting things about people and Lusitanos for the website and for the Equilife Magazine.

If you have one get in touch and the same goes for horses for sale, great artisan pieces, handmade work and artwork.

Wishing you all my very best wishes,  happy days, happy riding.









Find your Lusitano and More…

Since the launch of this new website in January our feet have barely touched to ground. I sincerely thank everyone for the continued and outstanding feedback plus all the exciting new ideas and offers coming to us.

I love to meet new people especially from all corners of the Globe. There is always something new to learn and laughs to share. Certainly having this business brings continuous opportunities for new friendship.

When it comes to Lusitano horse finding it’s a total joy when perfect matches are made.  However, I do firmly believe it should not be just about the end result – that’s important of course!

But the journey to get there should be fun too! Learning a few news things, discovering new places and having new experiences.  We try as much as possible to ensure the road to finding your new horse is an adventure.  So what a great pleasure it is to have conformation we are succeeding.  When people are motivated to write me their feedback I am over the moon .  Thought it would be nice to share some examples from recent clients……. now new  friends.

Teresa introduced us to super breeders and all the horses were exactly as described which meant that all our visits and miles of driving were a pleasure, an education and most worthwhile because we had such fun finding the correct and beautiful horse for us. Her knowledge and contacts is priceless. She even recommended the strictest Veterinary Surgeon to conduct the pre purchase examination and he worked with our Vet to determine the result. A big thank you Teresa for all your help.
Anthony and Janet Hackett-Thomson.
guizo 22 copyAfter quite a time traveling with Teresa Burton to many different yards and breeders, we finally took the road to visit the stud of Michaela and Thomas Kleba in Vila Viçosa. The presented us some horses. When An Gola entered the arena, after a few steps and strides of the horse, we both showed the same smile on our faces, we looked each other and we knew: this is the horse we were looking for. I immediately decided to buy him, even although he is not as big as I would like him to be.
The horse arrived directly from the fields to start his new life in the dressage world. He very quickly learnt the first steps on the  lunge and adapted easily to working in hand. He is making fast and big progress.  I find he is extremely attentive to all I ask him to do in a very low voice. His gaits are developing and his trot is now comparing to the best of modern sport warmbloods.
Anton Walliser
Anton, is in fact, a very talented and gifted classical master now living in Portugal.  I am delighted that I have an interview with him coming onto this website in 10 days. He talks about his work and his philosophy for training horses to Grand Prix.
eyeWhen looking for your dream Lusitano horse it can be quite a task – As I said earlier it should be a happy experience.  Sometimes we’re lucky finding our perfect horse in the first one we see,  but for most it takes longer. I’ve written a page on the website which you may find useful see Finding your Lusitano.
Also why not ensure you embrace the opportunity while here to discover a bit more about Portugal the history, traditions, the foods and wines can be such fun too. After all Lusitanos are such strong part of Portuguese History, culture and tradition. They, in fact helped shape Portugal’s history.
Sandra Oostrom is passionate about exploring Portugal, she will have a blog on our one Weddings and Events website very soon with all sorts of discoveries and things to try.
We will be including some of this on this site to so have a look at Alex in LusoLand for great tips and suggestions.
Did you know many breeders produce high quality wines, meats, olives, olive oil, cork, cheeses!  We’re now working on a project to introduce you to more about other fabulous products our breeders have. Stay posted for Sandra’s first review  on the delicious wines of Monte Barrao.
quinta do brejo  copyHow about considering staying at Quinta do Brejo former home of Nuno Oliveira. Steeped in modern history, the iconic picardeiro and charming bedroom suites will propel you into the classical tones of Portugal. You can even have dressage lessons with Rodrigo Matos while you are there!
There will always be some quality horses en site available to buy  Have a look at our page .
Evenings can be enjoyed eating and drinking with friends, having a lesson, visit to Ericeira or dining in the Late Nuno Oliveira’s favorite restaurant. Message me for more details Teresa
News on the horses for lessons and for sale coming up shortly.
COMING SOON – Luke’s article and interviews on fitting Iberian for saddles is coming on well and should be up shortly.
We’re very excited about our newly designed fabulous range of traditional tack inspired Dogs collars coming online in the shop made by Victorino.  This Collection is gorgeous will make your pooch very cool indeed!. Will keep you posted.









I am always delighted to receive your comments and feedback please feel free to get in touch anytime. email me

Once again wishing everyone my deepest thanks and best wishes.

Teresa x