Horse Insurance in Portugal

At Lusitano Horse Finder we are always looking to improve our service and provide you with extra ´peace of mind´recently we have been exploring different Insurance options for your Lusitano in Portugal in addition other services that can give you added value and finger tip information all stored in one pass coded secure personalised location online.


When you are buying a horse in another country and then leaving him there for training it is only natural that you would have concerns. Wondering how he is, is he  happy, working well and if something happens can he be covered by insurance. Unfortunately there are very few professional organisations that offer good quality insurance plans at competitive prices for horses in Portugal. After much research we are happy to say we have formed a union with a company that provides exactly what you need for ´peace of mind´ comprehensive service.

They are a worldwide leader for sport horse Insurance, and approved cover holder at Lloyd’s of London.
They have been insuring horses all around the world for more than 30 years, and also have their own international breeding and showjumping competition stable.

Since they are in the horse field it has definitively helped them to fulfil the expectations of us horse owners, breeders and riders.  We believe they provide the best insurance coverage on the market. All the time your horse in away in another country and even back at your home your horse can be completely covered. 

If you would like to know more and see some sample policies and quotes please do get in touch it is a ´no commitment´ contact.  Feel free to Email Teresa.




Learn more about this and our online management services  here at Excellence Programmes


In addition we offer another very modern services for your horses in training.  It is an online, password protected ´Lusitano Management Profile Service´.  This product is designed to give you immediate online access to your horse´s information which is updated monthly.

The profiles shows everything from history, x-rays, training plans, videos of training, images, nutrition plan, shoeing,vet, updates re tack etc, competition records.  Everything you need to know about your horse all stored online on a secure platform.  This way even if you cannot visit your horse from long periods of time you can access real time updates, see how he is developing. We even offer booked ´real time´skype training where you can talk directly with the trainer while your horse is working, or watch a training session live.  These profiles also act as an excellent sales support if you decide to sell your horse.  They work along the vet pre-purchase it gives buyers a real understanding of the horse and his life and health.

Read more about it at Excellence Programmes

Contact us to find out more and see sample pages. Email :  Teresa

charlotteThe online horse profile is a fantastic tool to keep up to date with your horse´s progress.  It houses all the important information such as farrier reports, vet reports, current nutrition plans, training status, photographs and training video updates. 

It can be so hard living in a different country to where your horse is in training, so this tool is extremely helpful to see how your horse is progressing.

It´s also very nice having all the information in one place rather than being sent updates via email and not having a good storage system. This way it is easier to follow your horse´s development by comparing previous with current status.

Testimonial from Charlotte Irps – Switzerland


Portuguese Riding Costumes

COMING SOON – Lots of new additions in the Shop!!

silvia 1Are you considering having a costume made for yourself, maybe coming to Golegā or performing in a tack and dress show?  We’re very excited to announce that coming soon in our shop we have a stunning collection designed by Sílvia Teixeira.  Silvia is a highly talented dressmaker and designer who has studied the traditional Portuguese riding costumes and is a rider herself. Her interest and research in the old classical Portuguese riding attires has meant she has to been inspired add special touches to the ladies riding costumes and brought back many fabulous details that have been lost along the way.

In addition she uses special materials from Portuguese handicrafts including beautiful handmade lace from the Azores.

The end result is wonderful stylish costumes.

Each outfit is made to order, in colours and fabrics of your choice  and takes up to 6 weeks to finish.   She sells outfits in standard sizes but also provides a made to measure services,  individual designs, special fabrics, matches jewellery, hat, spurs to complete your look. With the ‘made to measure’ Silvia prefers to do at least one private fitting in Lisbon or at her workroom in the Azores before finishing.

What better way to have your own special riding costume than one made especially for you using many Portuguese handicrafts that support local people, traditions and arts.


If you would like to know more now send an email to Us –

Black n White image by Hugo Duarte and the others by Lena Saugen

silvia 3silvia 6



Dressage Lessons Via Skype!!!

We are constantly finding that students in clinics and visiting us on riding holidays want to continue their training on a monthly basis but don’t have the time to organise clinics or come every month to Portugal.  A great and really effective solution is having your coaching live online via SKYPE or another other media you have.

“Did you know that in the last Olympics 2016 in the dressage competition there was one rider competing that was trained largely via Skype!”

1461538_1495895533996281_2943315047268205434_nWe can schedule a time with you then Nuno can lead an online lesson with you and your horse – these sessions can be extremely helpful and flexible.

It means you are not waiting too long between clinics to maintain and further your training in the best way.

You can also work on any problems you are experiencing, have some pre-competition preparation and learning new exercises.

Nuno Cavaco was 25 years in the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art where he trained Alter Real Lusitanos to the highest level in classical dressage performance both ridden and in hand.

He also traveled performing in the classical shows around Portugal and Europe.  Learn more about Nuno

Price is 95 euros per one hour lesson, please warm up your horse before the lesson begins.  A course of 10 lessons is 900 euros.  Payment can be made via bank transfer or via Paypal


Articles on Nuno’s work are regularly published in Baroque Dressage Horse Magazine, Equilife World Magazine, Equus Classic Germany and in online magazine and sites.


50 minute Skype lessons – all you need is a

  • A mobile phone or tablet
  • Good wifi connection
  • A set of wireless headphones
  • A friend to hold the phone or tablet

If you would like to find out more and give it a go send us an email & lets  arrange a date!  CONTACT US

BHD issue 27- Nuno-1


International Lusitano Festival 2017

The Festival is almost on us and we are greatly looking forward to seeing all the young Lusitanos being presented in hand and ridden, meeting the breeders, riders and of course our International visitors.  About the Festival

The location Quinta da Marinha close to Guincho Beach and on the edge of Cascais is also currently the home of our yard and horses in training, for sale and for lessons. If you would like to meet us to discuss opportunities we will be available everyday during the festival at our Patio to share ideas, introduce the team, explain our work, the lessons, holidays, clinics and of course you can meet the horses or simply join us in a glass of wine.

_DSC5198_xlargeJose & Cristina of Victorino Handmade saddlery will at the Patio with a few examples of their work saddles and bridles.

You are invited to meet them and see for yourself just why ‘Hand Made Saddlery’ stands out from the crowd.

You can Learn more about them at Victorino Story

Cristina is also an amazing designer and maker in Portuguese Clothing she made makes full traditional outfits from pattern making to hand finishing.

Header Image and Image of  Jose de Sousa and Cristina by Lena Saugen



We hope to meet you at the Festival, find us close to the main arena just behind the Grand Stand first Patio on the corner with garden in front.

We look forward to seeing – You are most welcome!!





Life on LHF Yard

I am ashamed to say it has been rather a while since I wrote my last blog so much has been going on I found myself chasing my tail. A poor excuse I know but such is life.

Life on the LHF Patio

filipesabineTHE TEAM – The most important part to any business is the team without the good working relations it is impossible to achieve the results we dream of. I firmly believe ‘Valuing our Differences’ is the key to achieving, growing together and ensuring we all stay on track.

Our groom Filipe Olmo from Brazil and our work student Sabine Henry from Kenya make each day a joy. They inject light and life into everything they do, nothing is too much, greeting everyone with a wide smile for everyone  and best of all the horses love them!!! – What more could we want!

You will find us at Quinta da Marinha Hipico, Cascais (literally 5 minutes from Guincho beach with it’s wonderful white sand, preserved sand dunes, rolling waves and cool bars and restaurants.

Images by Bruno Barata



charlotteNEW LUSITANOS –

We had two new Lusitanos join us last week and lucky lady – Charlotte Irps-Potschke fell immediately in love with Garboso a wonderful boy bred by Coudelaria Mario Vinhas.

In just a few days he became Charlotte’s first horse and what better choice than a Lusitano! Garbo – now affectionately named will remain with us in training with Nuno.

We’re looking forward to many happy days with Charlotte, Ralf, Charlotte’s parents Fin their dog and of course Garbo.

Image- Charlotte and Garboso do Zambujal by Bruno Barata.


For information on buying a Lusitano and training with Nuno Cavaco in Portugal email me

Email Nuno

Our other new boy is Fado de Zambujal he is a very baroque little Lusitano full or energy and power we’re all loving him.  He is very baroque just 155cms tall, very compact and a gorgeous shape looks super nice in Portuguese tack and dress.

He doesn’t have a lot of training for a 7 year old but he is learning super fast, we see a change everyday and he is such a character.

What a great horse for someone looking for a fun all round Lusitano in the true old style quality – we believe he will be super in dressage, working equitation and leisure riding. Want to meet him?

You’re welcome to visit and even try him out contact us  

042DSC_5587See more about him at Fado

One of those silly moments – Sabine after having put Horse Mane & Tail in her hair Fado fell totally in Love!!!

Left hand image by Bruno Barata

Right hand image by Teresa Burton.



Many students are arriving for lessons with Nuno  – from all over the globe – Canada, Australia, Sweden, UK, Africa, Norway, Germany, Holland, Russia the list goes on.  Always fun, rewarding and interesting to get to know everyone.   Lessons both ridden and in hand – Mia Norrie from Canada said –

“In January I had the great fortune to spend a week training with Nuno and Teresa at their yard in Cascais. I worked with Nuno twice a day either riding or being introduced to work “in hand”. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much that I was able to use on my mare back home. Nuno was a wonderful instructor, calm patient and clear. His terrific sense of humour and wonderful way with the horses made the time spent learning such a pleasure. As for the horses, it was a privilege to have the opportunity to ride such lovely animals. They had just the right amount of training, experience and challenges that they contributed greatly to my learning. Everything went off without a hitch thanks to Teresa and I can’t say enough about what wonderful hosts she and Nuno were during my stay. It was a great time in every respect and I am already planning my return trip in a few months! ”

Looking forward to seeing Mia again and meeting all you who are on your way.

Images below are Louise from Sweden learning in hand work with the lovely Zagal pure bred Lusitano gelding.

If you would like to come and meet us anytime the door is always open contact Nuno and Teresa  

Learn more about holidays, Lusitanos for sale and training at Lusitanos

Have a happy days x

DSC_5551 DSC_5530






Visit Coudelaria Luis Bastos



Lusitano Horse Finder in partnership with Coudelaria Luis Bastos are offering you a special tour of their stud farm on Saturday 12th November.

You will be picked up at Golega at 9.30am Saturday morning at the entrance to Golega on the Breeder Brands roundabout.

Learn about the bloodlines, breeding principles and see how the Lusitanos are reared – this is a wonderful opportunity so grab it while you can.

Book your place please email us at

sale 2


Golegã is close! Meet us, see our new Projects!

Golegã horse fair is only two weeks away many will be busy making plans preparing horses, polishing tack, clothing, sorting their casetas and stands. It’s a time of year with an Autumnal smell in the air and light buzz of anticipation bounces on the breeze and whirls in the wind. Golegã captured the imaginations of everyone that visits.. It’s a complex mix of everything Portugal at both extremes.

Take a tour around the fair here – Golegã a National Treasure

Lusitano Horse Finder team will be present and have many new and improved parts to our business to show.  Our International status is bringing a huge amount of media coverage in magazines all over the Globe and also our contract with the FEI to produce two articles per month is proving to be a huge success.

Looking for your dream a Lusitano to buy – 

We can help and have many horses and contacts at Golega both in fair and at the farms.

Contact us to tell us what you are looking for and we can plan with you some horses to see and try at Golega.  Email Hanna Larsson

International Marketing Programmes for Lusitano Breeders

Breeders International Marketing Programmes – We have some very exciting news to announce with regard to achievements of these programmes and the International SEO status breeders are already achieved.  The statisical results don’t lie we will shortly be showing what good optimisation can bring you.

Learn more about this at our introduction page in Portuguese and in English

Contact Pedro Matos

UntitledCoudelaria Miguel Felix da Costa

Delighted to have the opportunity to work with Coudelaria Miguel Felix da Costa a long established breeder of sportive pure Lusitanos.  We are now working on an International marketing programmes with them which will be launched in Golegã.  You are all invited to visit the caseta and meet the 5 stunning Lusitanos they will be bringing.

More about these shortly.

Image by Bruno Barata





Brilliant Maria Caetano


Portugal’s Leading Lady Dressage Rider – she’s wowing her audience, making waves and flying high!

What’s more she is demonstrating to the World just how great Lusitanos are!

Sport Lusitanos ridden by Maria Caetano

We’ve been fans of Maria Caetano for many years having watched and followed her progress throughout.  Now with all the honest hard work and dedication she has put in every day her efforts are truly paying off with greater and greater achievements. She was in the World equestrian Games in France and now this weekend in International competition she has shown just what an amazing horse woman she truly is, achieving high results on two young Lusitanos at the 4 and 5 star CND in Mallorca.

She achieved spectacular results on two Lusitanos both only 9 years old. Coroado is the son of the famous Rubi who competed so fantastically in the 2012 Olympics witn Goncalo Carvalho.

Biso de leziras  – 2nd in PSG – 68,237% and 2nd  INT1 – 68,079%
Coroado 4th in GP – 69,960% and  3rd in GPK 74,000%

Photo credits – Rui Pedro Godinho





14516354_10154462793395761_7641679749951099326_nPreviously in Portugal she competed in the CND at Beloura on 3 Lusitanos and won all 6 classes.

Colorado : GP-72,5 %; GPS-70,767 %
Biso de leziras: inter1- 67,6 %; inter1 kur-71,8 %
Falcao: C2- 68,2 C3- 68,8 % %;


What’s more Zingaro that competed in the Rio Olympics with Giovana Pass was trained by Maria and Paulo Caetano. Maria competed him in Europe taking himto GP before being bought by Giovana.

We have a new interview coming up with Maria very soon but in the meantime maybe you would like to enjoy an interview made with her 3 years ago.

Biso owned by Rui Oliveira ridden by Maria Caetano



Photo Credit – Lena Saugen


Maria 2013

Maria is petite, pretty, intelligent and an extremely capable she rides Grand Prix dressage internationally and is not afraid to gallop across rolling hills rounding cattle.

Maria you are doing just great in dressage competing Internationally and you were in the World Equestrian Games this year.  We would love to know more about your life, your dreams and what it is like being trained by your famous dad.

What age did you start riding?

I don’t remember the first time I sat on a horse. Since my very first year of age I had been on a horse’s back with my dad.  I do however remember that the first time I rode a horse by myself in the Golegã fair  I was 5  years old.

I started competing when I was 13 in small dressage competitions and the Portuguese traditional equitation competitions. But it was in the Working Equitation that I started the serous competition, I was 14 years old.

Do you have any funny stories of your early days riding?  Did you and your brother get on or did you compete with each other?

I always had a big passion for bullfighting and riding out in the fields with cows. So, since I was very young (10 or 11) I used to bullfight small cows with my brother in the fields. I always did it and still do it just for fun. In 1999 when I was 13 years old I did perform 2 real public bullfights.
However, despite my public presentation, it was never in my mind to be a professional bullfighter. I always wanted to follow a sport career.

You did very well in your younger years but you then competed on a warmblood how was that for you?  Would you like to ride warmbloods now?

I started in the serious dressage competition as Junior. It was when I was in the young riders level that I started my steps into International competition. I chose to compete on warm bloods at that level because, at the time, they were more competitive in movements required for Prix St Georges. So, I competed as YR on White Cedar, a Hannoverian, and we achieved 2 gold medals in the National Championships and we competed 3 times in the European Championships. Then I needed a schoolmaster to help me to get in the Grand Prix and we bought Diamant, a big warmblood from Kasselman stables. He was a great schoolmaster for GP and gave me a gold medal in the Senior National Championships on 2008 and a place on the national team for the European Championships in Windsor 2009.

For me the good horses are the good ones, whatever their breed. However it’s a greater pleasure for me to represent my country on the back of a Lusitano.

What makes the lusitanos special for you?

What makes the Lusitanos special is the willingness to work and to please the rider. A Lusitano is always trying to understand and help their rider, giving all of him or even more if he can.

Maria and Paulo CaetanoYou and your father have quite a dynamic relationship how do you like working together?

It’s a big pleasure, a lucky situation, to have my father as a trainer. We work every day together, which is a big advantage. Our relationship is spectacular. He can be strict, but we know that at the end  of the day we are father and daughter!  I’m so lucky to have a master like him at home!

Is all your training with Paulo or do you have others trainers also? Attend clinics etc?

I have had the opportunity to learn from great masters. I spent some of my summer and Christmas holidays in Germany, training with Lisa Wilcox and then with Dolf Keller. I also use to attend to clinics with Kyra Kyrklund and her husband Richard White, Jan Bemelmans and Francisco Cancela de Abreu.

I have seen you and Paulo ride the same horse and I notice differences as would be with any two riders of course but i feel to get on a horse after Paulo has been riding must be quite a feel as he rides very much more classically and has the bull fighting roots. The horses seem very positively dynamic after him I would like to hear you thoughts and comments on the differences for you.

Photo credit Lena Saugen

In fact we have the habit of sharing the horses’ daily work with each other. I find that it is very positive that we both ride the same horse since we can share feelings and opinions and then, we can direct the work in a best way. Of course my father has much more experience than me in training horses up to GP. So, he uses his skills, focus and his method in teaching the horses new exercises and I usually focus my method and skills on preparing them for the competitions.

Your riding has come from classical principles too how do you find the cross over into modern competition what are the key differences for you if any?

The classical equitation is, for me, the right basis for the sport. Also I always have present in my mind the FEI training scale,  I think these are the main tool structure for the horse and the rider combined with classical principles they can bring you and your horse to competition. Nowadays Dressage has developed a lot and the marks increased exponentially, in my opinion we are beginning a golden times of good equitation and I think that riders are coming more and more to the classical principles.

What was it like for you to ride out into the arena at the World Equestrian Games?

It was a big pleasure for me to represent my country with a Lusitano at the WEG! I had been before in 3 European Championships as Senior, but in the previous WEG (2010), my horse Util died 5 days before the competition, so I really wanted to be there this year.





Photo Credit – Lena Saugen

Unfortunately, Xiripiti was not totally fit, due to an injury he had after the National Championships, he lost some weeks of training before the WEG. Anyway, he did a very clear test, no mistakes, but without his usual strength in the extensions and half passes.


Maria, I guess your next goal is the Olympics and we would truly love to see you competing in them  tell us a little about your ambitions we are very interested to know.

I prefer to be focused on the short term, since with horses you have to live day by day, developing your methods and your horse in the daily work and then the results in competition will appear. Anyway, of course that I have some goals in my sportive life, and one of them is the Olympics. Next year I will be focused on the European Championships that will take place in Aachen. A place for a long time now I’ve been dreaming to compete there. Then we will try to be in the Olympics. It’s a tough job to get a place in the Olympics as individual rider, so the first goal will be that the Portuguese team get placed into the 6 first team in the Europeans 2015 and consequently get the qualification, as a team, to the Olympics. I think that it is possible since we have a great group of horses and riders to compete next year in GP level. If it doesn’t happen, then I have to try to get a place as individual.

You told me that you are now very much involved in the horse breeding aspect of your farm how are you making your breeding decisions these days as I believe you are still producing Lusitanos for bull fighting and for dressage competition.  How many mares do you have and do you use your own stallions?

We have 15 Lusitano mares we breed for dressage and for bullfight for a long time. I use to say, “when a horse is good is good for everything”. Of course it is not strictly like this but, we always try to find horses with strong backs and legs, with flexibility and “self-carry” and good mind, being always willing to work with the rider. These are essential characteristics for bullfighting and for dressage. Then, we try to use stallions with curriculum in dressage and in bullfighting.

Photo Credit – lean Saugen



You are not just a dressage rider but a very fun adventurous rider that is not afraid to have some real fun galloping across the Alentejo hills rounding up cattle, and taking part in many Portuguese traditions wearing traditional clothing it is lovely to see this make you very cool in our eyes tell us a little about this side of your life.

Maria Caetano and her husband

I always loved to ride out in the countryside and to work with the cattle. I like to participate, as a hobby, in Acoso y Derribo competitions with my husband. It is a Spanish tradition where two riders have to lead a cow and catch it in the open field. It is really fun and it gives you a lot of adrenaline. We have to have very well trained horses to do it. I can’t imagine having a hobby without horses.

Thank you Maria and looking forward to our next talk.

text by Teresa Burton  Photo Maria on Zigaro by Lena Saugen

p and m


Look out for the Lusitanos at Rio


It seems like 4 years has flown by with lots happening along the way. Sadly there are no Portuguese entries in the dressage this time round but I am certain come 2020 there will be. We have so many promising riders and horses coming through not forgetting the outstanding rider Goncalo Carvalho.

However the Dressage is not without Lusitanos in the line up and the Portuguese influence is very much alive.

I am delighted and proud to say that Paulo Caetano has been involved in producing Lusitanos for dressage competition and his work is now being recognized with two horses he and his daughter Maria have taken to GP level are competing in Rio in the Brazilian team, Zingaro de Lyw and Vendaval. What’s more he has trained Brazil’s youngest dressage team competitor Giovana Pass, she achieved the highest qualifying scores in the team. FEI have recognised this and published my article about Paulo have a read #RoadtoRio #twohearts

I remember the first photo shoot we did we Paulo and Maria, Maria was riding Zingaro de Lyw he was an impressive young horse bred by Enrique Guerrero in Spain close to Madrid. It was Enrique Guerrero that owned Zingaro’s father Guizo, who was the first Lusitano to achieve a silver medal in the Olympics. He was ridden by the talented Spanish rider Juan Antonio Jimenez Cobo for the Spanish team. Guizo came from a very old rare bloodline at the Alter Real stud farm in Portugal although he did not have the Alter brand. The bloodline produced horses with very strong personality and great power, many with GP potential. Enrique was keen to preserve this line and he followed a strict concept of selection for Dressage and basing it in this wonderful classic Lusitano stallion.
Zingaro de Lyw

Zingaro was one of the first off spring from Guizo

He probably would not be considered to most handsome of horses but at 5 turning 6 he had a strong back and good bones. His gaits were good and he was already showing great talent for piaffe and passage. With Paulo’s training and guidance Maria took him to GP level winning several important competitions along the way.

Here is the original article where you can see many images of Zingaro de Lyw .

We are looking forward to seeing how all the Lusitano’s perform in Rio, especially Zingaro de Lyw. I clearly remember the day Enrique, with total certainty told me Zingaro will be in the Olympics, then Zingaro was only 6 or 7 years old. Well Enrique was right and I hope that he thoroughly enjoys seeing the horse he bred and son of hos stallion Guizo compete. Not many can claim two horses they’ve owned have competed in such an event.

Wishing everyone all the best!!!

Zingaro de Lyw

Equestrian Lifestyle – Cool images at Coudelaria Luís Bastos

We are very proud that in next 10 days we will be launching the new video and website for the fabulous and cool Lusitano Breeder Coudelaria Luís Bastos currently holding the 2016 title of

  • Best Breeder at the APSL International Lusitano Festival Cascais
  • Champion of champions with his stunning filly Jurdânea

Jurdanea Coudelaria Luis Bastos




Image of Jurdânea by Bruno Barata

Lusitano Horse Finder Media team have recently spent time at the farm really learning all about how Luis Bastos started the stud, his dreams, goals and his philosophy. I have to say we are excited to share the story with you through images, editorial and video.

Stay posted for the launch.

The amazing header image is of a stunning buckskin colt at Coudelaria Luís Bastos and top presenter Ze Miguel Vinagre is a taster of the  modern, cool images to come by Bruno Barata Photography.

FEELING HONOURED – just recently I have been invited to write for the FEI Organisation –

I am thrilled to be asked both for myself, Lusitano Horse Finder,  for Lusitanos and for Portugal it is great opportunity to present wonderful equestrian stories and images in their exciting new project.

What’s more I want you all to get involved I’m always looking for special, interesting and unusual stories that have Lusitanos interlinked so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have something you would like to share. I am all ears!

You never know it could be published!

Stay posted for more info and the project launch. Remember contact me with your news and stories TERESA

EQUESTRIAN LIFESTYLE – is taking off , the equestrian marketplace is set to be worth – a staggering $38.8 billion worldwide in directly related products and services and has a total impact of $101.5 billion on U.S. GDP. This is really quite something!

Modelo Roxanne com casaco 3/4 de Christophe Sauvat, calças de ganga modelo ‘Diva’ da Salsa, botins Zilian e óculos de sol Celine

Image by Lena Saugen with model Roxane

We are certainly seeing the growth here at Lusitano Horse Finder.  ‘The Lusitano’ is really the breed of this time, not just in sport but as the best Leisure horse to have so much fun with. They are, after all,  great looking, versatile, agile, willing and want to join us on our adventures. Lusitanos fit perfectly as our ‘Equine Lifestyle Partners’.

This market growth has brought many amazing opportunities to us, there are many more on the way we cannot help but feel excited everyday with what will arrived next. One great example recently was a 60th Birthday Party we designed and hosted involving lots of Lusitanos –

PARTY IN PORTUGUESE STYLE – Lusitanos piaffe to thrill!

It was a fabulous 60th birthday party for a Danish Business man Niels and joint owner with his wife of the stunning Quinta da Varzea. 80 people attended, many arriving from Denmark and other parts of the globe with no idea what to expect. Nadja Maria manager at Quinta da Varzea had done an amazing job of preparing the Quinta and transforming yet untouched ground into stunning patios and gardens.  Her horses looking fabulous in the super paddocks lining both sides of the driveway. Just the entrance alone created such a feeling of well being and happy horses.





Image by Lena Saugen Photography

The party group spent an action packed weekend enjoying the celebrations which intertwined Lusitanos, Portuguese traditional entertainments and of course amazing Regional foods and wines.  A party never to be forgotten! Even those that weren’t horse lovers could not help but be enveloped into the richness and romance of seeing fine stallions with their elegant riders performing from The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art and the thrilling team of Working Equitation Riders in their Night time show.



It was a pleasure for us the organise and host such an event – We are looking forward to many more.

Image by Lena Saugen

Testimonial from Niels

It was an outstanding experience the organisation, the events and especially the horse shows were impressive. The area, the historical farmhouse, with the very good Portuguese service…..and the fado singers were wonderful.

Remember get in touch with stories, horses, enquiries we are always ready to talk !

Happy Summertime to one and all

Teresa x