Karma by Blue Chip


Great Results with Karma by Teresa Burton

Blue Chip Karma is a non drowsy, fast-absorbing daily use calmer. product that was  introduced to me about a year ago when I was talking about stress in horses – particularly when they are going through big changes in their lives such as –

  • Starting Work
  • Relocating/ Transport
  • Box Rest
  • Pre Competition
  • Hacking out in countryside and on roads

The product based on natural ingredients is designed to helped calm a horse and help him to remain in a level balanced metal state.  The first time I used it was for a very dramatic situation with an 8 year old stallion in an extremely stressed and anxious condition.  He was being removed from a difficult situation and relocated to another yard. Wen he arrived at his new home the yard manager called me concerned that the horse seemed unable to settle at all. I went over to see him and took with me a bottle of karma just to try it out. On advise we gave him a generous dose to start with.  Within 20-30 minutes he was able to calm, stop box walking and he began to eat.  We maintained him on the karma for about 5 weeks at the recommended dose. The horse recovered dramatically gaining weight and eating normally.  I would not say his recovery it was entirely due to the karma as it has taken the best part of a year for him to become much more confident and relaxed but it has supported him fantastically when he really needed it. He is now given karma occasionally for instance when he goes to competitions.

Since then I’ve used karma on several occasions for differing reasons taking my stallion to his first competitions where he was stabled at the competition venue. He coped extremely well and won his classes even in high winds. He is a horse that can get wound up easily so I was delighted with his performance.

I have also used karma for young horses their first week or two starting in a new home and starting work and for transporting horses.  I can honestly say it is a super good product that does what it claims.  I view it as a wonderful support for horses at certain times in their lives and could be super for nervous horses.  I don’t know if it works with every horse I would imagine it varies in effect from horse to horse but I like this product very much. It is worth a try.

It is completely natural and can be used legally for competition horses. The main ingredients are magnesium known as the ‘anti stress’ mineral,Vitamin C, L-tryptophan, Organic Niacin, Vanilla, Potassium Sorbate.

Easy to use as you simply mix into their hard feed or syringe directly into your horse’s mouth.

It is available to buy in Portugal through Emergosol price 35 euros

Or outside of Portugal go to their main website Blue Chip

They also stock a number of other very good food supplement products I can highly recommend the Blue Chip Original

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