Tik Tapas and a Tea-Room in Ericeira

On the advice of my colleague, Luke, I am going to take a look at Ericeira on a sunny Sunday in December.

Ericeira is located about 35 kilometers north of Lisbon, and is particularly known for its fantastic surfing conditions and beaches. It is a hip town with cozy bars (including a cool looking gin bar and a wine bar) and restaurants in all price ranges.

ericeira 1 ericeira

I will not bore you here with my surfing skills, let’s just say that I can eat (and drink!) a lot better. 

Ericeira is very dog friendly which means for dog owners there are picnic tables outside … So I am installing myself  with three friends and three dogs, next to another couple with a dog, on the terrace of Tik Tapas.

The waiter is quick. He brings us, together with the menu,  a blue plastic tablecloth (still a bit wet and smelly of a cleaning product) and  leaves behind a buzzer – for when we want to place our order, or indeed to get in contact … so we buzz for the wine list! Ah, there he is, it works!

The menu is extensive with approximately 18 meat tapas, 11 fish tapas and 14 vegetarian options. We press on the buzzer again and order, for the four of us, 7 tapas and a bottle of wine from the Douro, Sao José. After 5 minutes the waiter returned without wine, for that one is sold out but with the appetizer snacks (fresh bread, olives, home made butter with herbs and fresh cheese) We check  the wine list again and make another choice … But the second chosen bottle (Douro Reserva Bafarela) shows sold out also.

Eventually we learn from the waiter that the wine list is never up to date. The restaurant sells all wines by the glass and they are therefore rapidly through their wine stock. Ok so far for the usefulness of the wine list of Tik Tapas … The waiter shows us spontaneously two bottles he still has in stock and we choose the Maria Mansa also from the Douro. Smooth, a not too heavy red wine that perfectly compliments a lunch with meat and fish on a sunny terrace and for a good price (€ 10.50).

The tapas is served with care and the dishes are tasty. The mixed game sausage, the Brazilian steak and the Padrón peppers are delicious. The stuffed Squids are ok but we do not know what the stuffing is made of. The Pica-pau stripes of beef in garlic sauce, we all find a bit tough. The amount of food is sufficient.

Without being buzzed the waiter brings us a dessert with four spoons. Manjar de Mae: “Eating from mom” a kind of pannacota with date syrup and a sugared date. The deal is: if we do not like it , we do not pay it, unfortunately … it’s gorgeous and some table companions even using their finger to clean the plate  (Costs total bill € 60, -)

DSC_0119 DSC_0055

Tea, coffee and hot chocolate with rum we decide to enjoy (also outside) at a family run little tea-room. Home baked scones and cakes and up to 50 types of tea (leaves). A real cup of chocolate very similar to one  I recently had  at Cafe Flore in Paris, but now about four times cheaper … They also serve a light lunch (pastas, salads).
The tea house (Aroma a Chá) can be found next to the Market Hall.

Unfortunately the Gin Bar is closed during the day and the wine bar is moving to another location, so I’ll have to come back to Ericeira. Life is hard…

Tik Tapas
Rua de Ericeira 15
+351 261869235

Aroma a Chá
Rua dos Ferreiros 2
+ 351 965676578

CREDITS – Editorial – Sandra Oostrom Photography  – Lena Saugen

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