My dear friends and future new friends – after only one week since launching this new website I am totally stunned and delighted with the incredible response we’ve had. We’ve received so many wonderful messages and emails I just want to say a very big thank you to everyone in being so supportive and patient for this website to arrive.

Lusitano Horse Finder has been a work in progress for me ever since I moved to Portugal and I know I still have lots more to do.  None of  it would be possible without of course the wonderful Lusitano Horses, the breeders, trainers and everyone that loves them.  It is an honor to work with passion and love.

For the future – I have lots of great ideas, interviews, articles, new horses and surprises coming up very shortly I sincerely you will enjoy them.  You can see some of what is  coming soon at the bottom of this message.

The response to our collection of Victorino Bridles is remarkable. We have already received many orders, thank you :-).  Some have asked why the bridles are high priced so maybe I need to let you into a little bit more about the ‘Victorino’ Story –

Untitled 5The family history is fact in my blog so you can read all about their amazing story. However  in addition I think it is important to know that there is only Jose de Sousa remaining now in the family (he is 80) and his wife Cristina that continue the tradition. It is very sad to know that once they are no more, the most famous and admired saddlers will no longer exist and nor will the tack. Jose does not want the family tradition to pass out of the family.

I feel extremely fortunate to be working with them.  They are true artists as well as being wonderful kind people. Each bridle or saddle is a piece of art totally hand made start to finish. This means that all the stitching is by hand and every details carefully considered, Jose personally selects the finest European leather, the buckles are hand crafted and every bridle is made to order. Handmade bridles last a lot longer than machine made the stitching is stronger and the leather much higher quality.

The Victorino family have made bridles for many of the most famous bull fighters  and classical masters, including all the saddlery for Mestre Nuno Oliveira.   They have designed and made all the tack for the Portuguese School of Equestrian Arte.  Their work has even been presented to Royalty and is highly prized.

To own a Victorino Bridle is owning a piece of art and something thing that if carefully looked after will increase in value and something that will not be available forever.

All the bridles in our collection are named after the horses of the Late Mestre Nuno de Oliveira.  You can also design your own bridle selecting colour, design and buckle shapes and colours.

The bridles are priced fairly for the work and quality but naturally they are higher priced then mass produced bridles.  You are buying a piece of history and beautiful art that will look stunning on your horse.

Victorino baroque 1 copyWe also have a small collection of their hand crafted pelham bits which go along way back in history and the original molds are owned by the Victorino Family.

There are 4 designs in the collection all based on the classical pelham and older baroque pelhams. The bits have been modernised a little with shorter shanks and they are made in a unique metal mix called ‘Alpaca’  which the horses like in their mouth and create moisture.

They are stunning pieces like the bridles and you cannot get these anywhere else.

Read about the bits in the shop.

The Victorino traditional Portuguese saddles will be coming online in the shop very soon.


print 1 copy 2WOW SO DELIGHTED OUR HOLIDAYS at QUINTA DO BREJO WITH RODRIGO MATOS  are also receiving a huge response and places are booking fast.

So sorry about the slight error in the price list posted in the book your holiday page this has now been sorted out.

Just to confirm – all the  horses for the lessons with Rodrigo are trained Lusitanos.

Horse Training places available -Rodrigo is also taking a small amount of horses in for training if you are interested go to his page.

Horses with Rodrigo will be trained by him and will be have their ‘online profile’ in our Excellence Training and Care Programme.

PARTY TIME!!!   We will be announcing a Quinta Do Brejo launch party shortly so keep posted it is not to be missed!!



who trains Warm Bloods to Grand Prix competition, now with his first Lusitano in Portugal!

His in-hand work is incredible.

We will be following his young Lusitano’s  progress in videos over this year.



Over the last years I’ve found Lusitano Horses for all kinds of amazing professions and I thought it would be wonderful to share a few insights into these special Lusitano Careers. So our mission is to share with you  how Lusitanos are making waves around the world in DSCN7387 copyso many amazing ways!!!

Some may surprise you.

Our first article is on ‘Lusitanos in Film’  An interview with Dolbadarn Film Horses that train horses for Big Screen Movies.





SADDLE FITTING – A discussion with master Saddler Eloy on correctly fitting an Iberian horse the differences with other breeds.






Once again a big thank you to everyone and we all look forward to meeting you soon and have fun with your horses.

Teresa x