2016 Have that Special Holiday!

Here we are in 2016

Already there’s something in the air! The Year of the Red Fire Monkey –  Having that special equestrian holiday in Portugal is certainly firing our imaginations!

The holiday bookings are flying in …………And why not Portugal has so much to offer. It is a country of romance, culture, tradition, amazing new innovations and of course the LUSITANOS!

Untitled 6I am delighted that this year we have so many exciting holiday options available for everyone to enjoy. Holidays that bring to you a delicious blend of Lusitanos, riding, traditions, culture, the wonderful wines and foods…….

we want you to have a whole experience during your stay.

Quinta do Rol with Nuno Cavaco is booking fast so if interested do get in touch quickly. See details at Quinta do Rol


We also can offer a special packages for you and your friends that include –

  • Classical Dressage, Working Equitation
  • Stud Visits
  • Shows and presentation
  • Personal photo shoots – get dressed up and have a set of amazing images of you that you will treasure forever.
  • Wine tasting, traditional food, specialist restaurants
  • Meet well known riders
  • Visit the shows – Golegã. Ponte de Lima, Lisbon
  • Specialist shopping – artisans and crafts, handmade tack, shoes, boots and clothing.
  • Lusitano horse buying presentations

Contact us to find out more and we can design a special break for you and your friends. TERESA

Golega Group Trips conbined riding holiday and 2 days at Golega available for two groups up to 6 persons.


We now have 2 wonderful partners in the USA that are offering special – Portugal Cultural Equestrian Trips you can come with them to Portugal and have a fabulous luxury experience designed just the way you want. They will managed alongside us your entire holiday so you just have to enjoy!!

Contact –

Classical Horsemanship Portuguese Equestrian Breaks email address Misti

Discover your Inner Cavalier with Kip Mistral email address Kip

More on this very soon.

Happy 2016 and Happy Holidays !